Water of Life, Holy Grail

Water is your soul

a vibrant, light-filled drop

teeming with subquantum bursts of information

a self-dividing, self-atomizing whole

-- a self-recognizing, self-reintegrating whole --

a whole in the image of the Whole

(C) Markus Reugels

a greater drop gave birth to you
a greater still gave life to it

and so on and on

to the vast and infinite

Ocean of Awareness

Breathing the Tides of Time

Horseshoe crabs in a yin/yang configuration
Water = Blood
Their blood is our blood.
The ocean that bears them bears us.

 Gaia birthed us

in her Dreaming

In our dream, we awaken.
In her dream, she wakes.
We become aware of her dreaming us.
She becomes aware of herself dreaming as us.

The dream becomes a Waking Life,
a dream illuminated and rooted in Knowledge
of Who We Are:

Divinely-Endowed Co-Creators,
Multi-Dimensional Keys to the Living Library of Earth,
free to roam the Universe and beyond,
free to experiment and create
in the spirit of our creators,
the wise and playful, all-loving Aeons.

This is the Sophianic Correction,
the Ascension of Earth,
the fulfillment of the Anthropic Potential,

through a Time of Transition,
through the Death of Illusion and Delusion,
through the changing of the Kalpa, the turning of the Great Year,
through the tireless efforts of uncountable beings,
through the mounting hyperbolic madness of the Archontic Kingdom of Lies
and its resulting inevitable and imminent demise,
through the full bloom and the fall of evil,
through the trying of the spirit
that strives to thrive in the fullness
of Wisdom and Love and Power.

We will manifest what we desire.

Gaia says, Let it be your highest desire.

Come to me, come to Know me, she says.

The priestess offers the sacrament,
given from the body and blood of a plant ally.
She guides us to a vision of the Organic Light,
the Holy Grail,
the living face of Gaia-Sophia,
the Fountainhead of Wisdom.

Mother of pearl,
the light that casts no shadow,
the Aeonic energy torrent of her etheric body,
the milk of the Goddess.

She dances in orgasmic ecstacy,
inside the colours of the sky,
inside the birds, inside the winds under their wings,
inside the song of every living creature
in the great dance of life upon her stage: herself.

She is our Mother and she lives in us.

And we are the ones we have been waiting for.