Dreamspace: Final Bluff of the Would-Be Overlords

I dreamed we were in a big house in the city. The view outside the window was cold and grey. An iron wind and a chill fog bleakened the landscape of concrete surfaces and dilapidated apartment buildings. A voice thundered down from above the clouds, a haughty, commanding, authoritarian, utterly unsympathetic voice that would brook no dissent. I recognized the tone: Anunnaki, from Nibiru. They had returned to reclaim real estate Earth from the hands of their renegade son, Marduk -- Satan, King of the World.

"This is the Ship," the voice announced. It commanded that we were to immediately empty our houses into the streets. All belongings and furnishings were to be brought outside. The threat of annihilation should we not comply was strongly suggested. *

If they had been listening for a response, we would have told them to stuff it. As it was, we knew we had very little time. Similar ships, or the same one, had already visited a few cities around the globe. We had heard that the inhabitants had all given in within hours, submitted to the rule of these offworld overlords.

It was time to take stock of our situation, and fast. We had not expected to end up in this situation so early. We felt unprepared. But I knew we had a chance, a fighting chance. We had one ace we could play that would make us immune to their threats and give us the victory, let us finally assert our sovereignty as human beings.

"ARE WE MULTIDIMENSIONAL?" I wrote on the blackboard.

What do we need for that to happen, for us to be capable of tuning in to our true power and  awareness? I listed the requirements on the board: clean diet; clear hearts and minds; full self-knowledge and self-acceptance; karmic bonds released; physical and spiritual dharmic practices honed as one; connection and communion with our inner divine selves, with each other as a group, and with the whole of Nature, cultivated in our everyday life.

We were as ready as we could be.

There was only one more step: we needed to step up and take on what we were. Step into our inheritance. Reclaim what was always ours but we had never dared to believe was ours. Believe. Know. Embody. Enact.

That was our final challenge. And we would do it. We would step up, as one, together with all the pieces of Gaia that shared her spirit and her desire to be free.


* I grasped intuitively that this was the fear test. They were testing how far they could push us humans, how easily we would be corralled into their new world order by sheer bully tactics. In the real world, this type of tactic will not be used in such a literal fashion! The Anunnaki would prefer to gain our consent through clever deception. Of course, they will always use fear as their fundamental tactic...

Anyway, it was our house, our home, our place, our sanctuary that we'd built over years. God-like technologies or no, they had no more right than anyone else to come barging in and try to make people violate their own homes on their behalf.