Children of Gaia, Godselves in Chains

I spoke earlier about the human form as a vehicle for 3D experience. Today I want to expand on those thoughts, with a view toward the possibility of realizing our human potential.

What we are, physically, happens on many levels, mostly invisible to the five senses. The body we can see and touch is a miraculous manifestation, a supersystem comprising order of such stupendous ingenuity and elegance, that we can scarcely comprehend it. This body, a product of billions of years of self-organizing, emergent, intelligent evolution, is our gift from Gaia, born of her substance, itself a mere cell in her vast planetary corpus. No matter where in the heavens we may come from as conscious souls, we are her children, wrapped in her motherly embrace, sustained by her cycles of life in a biosphere enormously rich and complex. What our function is within the context of our Earth-mother's evolution, is a mystery ripe for examination. (The works of John Lash are a potent guidebook for exploring this most timely field of thought, and the implications for human action.)

As Earth-mother evolves, so do we evolve. But this is not a linear process. From the evidence I've been able to survey, across a minute selection of the information available, humanity seems to go through phases of de-evolution as much as, or perhaps even more than, the other way around. I surmise that these regressive trends toward decay and diminishment are the backdrop against which a select subset of individuals endure as keepers of a more noble humanity, seeking a way forward past the inevitable crisis point when the accumulated mass of toxic, backed-up waste is expelled. These humans become the progenitors of the next phase.

It seems to me that whatever seed of entropy is within us, it will always grow to its fullest extent just before the harvest. I venture to say, in the words of Les Visible, that this is "for the purpose of demonstration." It needs to come out to be recognized and dealt with. It's up to us as individuals whether we want to do that, and when. For true humans, our soul impulse (whether we know it or not) is toward divinity. Recalcitrant denial of this impulse leads to spiritual darkness and enslavement. Which, lo and behold, is what surrounds us.

Who is responsible? What evil force keeps trying to drag us down? One idea stands out. Cameron Day refers to them as "ankle biters," a humorous term for the energy parasites whose survival depends on making humans give off negatively charged emotional energy. Fourth-density Service-to-Self beings, in Law of One terms. Negative thoughtforms that take on a "life" of their own, provoking us to perpetuate the same reactive mental loops that spawned them. To them, we're food: a big ol' loosh farm.

The good news is, whatever power they appear to have, originates with us. Ergo, we are responsible. Our expansion into higher realms of being predicates that we become conscious of our own energy use, that we master our lower impulses. If we do not, our dear little archon friends will be more than happy to keep us company right here at Restaurant de ThreeDeeLandia's all-you-can-eat buffet.

How can such mastery be attained? By self-observation. By self-healing. By service to others. By cultivating empathy, joy, humility, appreciation, humour, understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, caring, cooperation, creativity, sensitivity, connection, and awareness. By heeding the lessons of life. By letting go, by freeing the mind, by remembering to Be. By calling upon the aid of higher forces of pure loving light. By owning one's own power of creation.

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. [...] We are the imagination of ourselves." - Bill Hicks

What are we, as embodied humans, but a multilayered, interconnected series of nested patterns of flowing energy? The chakras and meridians give us a rough map. Harmoniously ordered, free-flowing patterns indicate good health. Disrupted, chaotic patterns indicate disease. An increase in our total energy available increases our vitality. It may also make it possible to activate previously dormant sub-patterns, resulting in a flowering of even extraordinary latent abilities and senses. Energy responds to thought, belief, emotion, and intent. With a sustained, single-minded focus of intent and action, we are capable of doing and becoming just about anything.

It is the hijacking of this human ability to create, by entropic, black-hole vampires, that has brought to us the entirety of this stifling prison of the false self which we now inhabit. We did it to ourselves, bit by bit. Outmatched, deceived and manipulated all the way... but here we are still. We have lost nothing, only gained invaluable experience. That which we call "evil" has, in spite of itself, done us a great service. It has provided the resistive force against which our spiritual mettle has been tested. Brought to this pale shade of our true existence, with just the first glimmers of awakening begun, we are wiser, more sober, more compassionate. We know where we are going. And we will get there. Helped by others, helping others.

May you find peace, and may the infinite tenderness of the living water of light bear you beyond all sorrow and pain.

My love,