The Divine Other

"See her as she is..."

You look. At her. You look.



Do not project, do not remake her in your image,

Just See.

There. And there. And there. And there.

Look closer.

See the fineness, the microscopic detail. Every little hair lit up by the sun. Lines on her skin like fractal webs.

Look. Focus! Look deeper. Here and there. All over.

"There's someone in there..."

A Mystery. A long-forgotten Other.

The Other you've been searching for, without knowing what it was you sought.

Not your Self. You may have mistakenly believed yourself to have been seeking your Self. But no, it was not the Self you truly sought.

It was the Other.

The banished Other.

The disowned Other.

The denied Other.

The unknown, unfelt, unseen, unheard, untasted, unsmelled, Other.

The not-understood Other.

The betrayed and the betrayer, Other.

The unreconciled Other.

The unexplored, unencountered Other.

The wounder and the wounded, Other.

The one who had forgotten you, and whom you had forgotten.

The One who is your Self, apart.

Viewed from outside. Viewed as separate.

"Her eyes!"

They open.

They look. Back at you.

A deep, a beautiful Eye like a jewel, like night. Just for you.

"Self, seeing the Divine Other."

"You are Self, looking at Divine Other in me. I am Self, looking at Divine Other in you."

You see her as she is, just as she really is.

You know her as she is, just as she truly is.

You love her as she is, just as she really is.

You tell her so in like words.

You enjoy her, so much!

You never thought there could be so much to take in of her.

You delight in her, in her warm, close presence.

Her foibles and idiosyncrasies,

Her warts and crooked bits,

Her weaknesses and imperfections,

They are just dressing on the Soul.

The she you see is a flesh-and-blood creature.

It's not Her as She is.

She looks  t h r o u g h  her "self" at you, but She is behind the self.

She is the Divine Other.

The one you love.

The one you lost.

The one you've found again.

"I've found you!"

Oh, delicious Knowing!

The *seeming* Other!

Just the One, experiencing itself by way of the "Other."

A game of recognition.

Gnosis. Knowing.

Through unknowing, to Knowing.

It's the One you came here to see.

It is She. In her is the One.

She is the One for you.

She shows you the One, as its unique and personal expression.

She. Is the One. For you.

Her pleasure and her joy are your delight.

Your passion has been flaring up the entire time.

This passion, this pleasure, this ecstasy,

Of Being with the Other.

Of Knowing, and Feeling, through Love, on all the levels of body, heart, mind and soul.

Not hallucinating, not inwardly involved.

But open. And trusting. And intimate.

And you give her yourself, you give her yourself, you give her yourself.

And all that you are is hers. And she gives you the same gift in return, gives herself to you to Love.

"This is Love!"

It is a torrent of feeling, an ever-dancing wind of possibility and power, an exquisite ecstasy of seeing and being seen, of pleasuring and being pleasured.

An ever-opening lotus flower, the joy of an ever-expanding Knowledge of the Other and the Self.

A free and light and easy joy that permeates every thought, word, and deed.

You treat her like you would want an Other to treat you.

You tell her what you would need to hear, if you were in her place.

You consider her side equally with your side.

You honour and respect her.

This is how you play the game!

"And we are in Gaia, with Gaia..."

You are in Gaia, with Gaia, both together in the dream of Gaia.

In Kali's Game....

She has woken you up.

Now you must awaken her.

She saw you before you saw into her and saw Her.

She loved you before you learned to love her.

Her love allowed you to make your leap of faith, now yours must help her to find her wings.

She has awakened you, and now it is your turn to awaken Her.

See her as She is.

That is the beginning. The rest will follow.


    Namaste brother, this was a real treat. I very much enjoyed following along, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and creativity.

    In Lak'ech, prosper with love live in peace....


    Well, thank you, Christopher. I enjoyed writing it. I like to do this kind of writing directly inspired by personal experience. :)

    May you go well, with love and peace....