the art of feeling free

who can tell
if what we think we know
is anything more
than a myth
that separates us from
what is
in this eve of time
we're wand'ring here
making up our life
from an ancient script
take it as it comes
don't try to shut it in
to a model in your mind
'cause when you think you know
is when you're holding on
to an insubstantial hope
that the world can be contained
but it's unpredictable
and there's a hidden plan
you can only see unfold
impossible to know
you can have your fantasies
tell yourself a story
of what it all might mean
but all of your attempts
will prove to be in vain
in the face of history
looking back you understand
your imaginings were only ever
mist and shifting sand
if you want to know the truth
there's one thing you must do
to let go of the need
to hold it in your hand
observe the mysteries
embrace uncertainty
remember there's a holy womb within
reflected all around
there's something so profound
in a process of rebirth
through suff'ring comes a way
into a whole new day
the cycle's winding down
the urgency of all the crises
needing resolution now
so quieten yourself
don't hesitate to ask
and maybe it will be revealed
all in God's good time
the pressure's weighing on
just keep your heart open
to the possibilities
and you'll never lose the key
to what's beyond confusion
a certainty of one
that lights up heavenward
illuminates the night
it reaps the fields of earth
from chaos and order
to shape itself anew
create a fractal view
of continuity
you'll wonder at the stars
reach out and feel the warmth
it's safe no matter what may befall
just know that you're inside
a dream we all decide
the one who made it happen
is still here restfully
awaking to itself
in you and all of you

Pressure and diamonds

Challenging days. Keep your head, keep your feet, keep your eye on the ball. Be honest. Don't give up the good fight. Don't let the insanity in the world get to you. Don't let circumstances determine your fate for you. Know what it is you depend on and be sure it's something you actually can depend on.

Fear is the mind-killer. There is nothing to fear. Everything is going to be all right. Never mind how it looks at the moment, on the surface. It's going to be all right. It is all going exactly as it must go.

Do what you can do and let the rest take care of itself. Have faith. Hang on tight. Take it one day at a time.

This is what I needed to hear for myself, so I took it upon myself to say it.

Peace, in love and in truth.


don't fear
truth rising
I'm here
this isn't what you wanted
and now it's coming clear
that all along that thorny path
of where you've walked so drear
it's always been inside you
your forgotten Self so dear
that you left behind when you swallowed that first ancient, bitter tear
in the morning of your hapless earthly life
you denied that inner shining light
of knowing who you are, what's right
for you
and since that moment all has been twilight

no need
to chase it
just stand
and face it
'cause it's been here all this time
waiting on you to embrace it
all those years you thought you wasted
were needed time for growth unhastened
no regrets, 'cause now you're here
you've woken to the call inside
there's no more doubt, just hang on tight
and break on out from your prodigal flight
be the man you were meant to be
it's all in hand, my son, of me
through you
and together we've got so much more to do

you're safe, my child
forever in my arms
even in your self-beguiled
hour of ungrateful harm
I pulled you through and saved your skin
so you could fight again someday and win
when you let go of your need to prove
that you're in any way aloof
or independent of my love
for you
it's what you are, it's what you breathe, and nothing else will ever be
as true
I can't do it. I can't go through with what I've thought I was going to do for the past six months. I've dreamed of going solo into the unknown, to put my faith and my wits to the ultimate test by leaving everything behind and throwing myself into the extreme situation of being alone and far from home without any place in the world to call my own. But I can't do it.

My mind is a disaster. It's a war zone. Now I find that I have no choice but to admit defeat in a war that I thought was something other than it was. Thank you, my raging intellect, for going so far beyond the bounds of what was necessary and good for me that you've brought me to this impossibly untenable position between what the world around me appears to know, and what I think I know. It's time to surrender and say, I just don't know. I daresay neither does anyone else, but goddammit, they've got the world on their side. I'm just a kid with delusions of whatever. I've lost my faith in all of that. Not in what's real - I still think God is the only reality - but in all this crap I've picked up and filled my brain with, and for what - to feel special? I'm not special. If I'd accepted my own limitations from the start and stuck to what I could actually know from my own experience instead of relying on all this outside information with no direct relevance to my life - I wouldn't be in this situation. If I'd let all that "wider world out there" stuff be whatever it was and just kept it as a minor curiosity at the most, I'd be fine. But I had to latch onto it, try to make sense of things that were too big for me, beyond my ability to assimilate into a healthy, workable view of reality. And now I find myself... just... lost. And deeply depressed. As if that weren't enough, I've also gone and laid waste to what foundation for a life I did have, materially, and been horribly unfair to those around me in the process. "Back to square one" doesn't quite describe it. More like square zero.

So now I've lost faith in both worlds: the one everyone else seems to live in, and the one I'd built up in my head. But the fact of the matter is that, at least for the moment, the former still has a standing structure. I'm not convinced that it'll hold for long, but it's all there is right now that I can actually see and stand on, if not put my trust in. I don't have the means to prepare in an outward sense for the collapse of this current social order. I look at the mainstream news media in this country, the way it keeps on keeping up the facade, quoting all these paid experts and professional liars, and I don't believe a word of it. Their job, whether they know it or not, is to keep the appearance going and prolong the game for as long as possible. The powers-that-be, on the level you don't see, are convinced that it's all coming down in a less distant future than you know, and their strategy is to milk the rest of us for as long as they can and when the time comes, to retreat into the impenetrable, well-stocked hidey-holes they've built for themselves at our expense over the last 30-40 years, to wait out the virtually-unsurvivable conditions expected for the surface of the planet. That's if the sources I got that from are for real - obviously, I make no guarantees. If such is the case, then I have no interest in engaging that scenario one way or another, except to point it out as a possibility and maybe throw an astral monkey wrench or two into the works, if I feel like it. Not that it'll be necessary, but it'd at least be a gesture of where I stand in relation to their hell-bound matrix of the unreal.

Who is this "them?" It's a whole bunch of "thems," of course, but from what I've been able to discern, they have a definite thread in common: they are in the business of the enslavement of humanity for selfish, senseless purposes, and the higher up the pyramid you look, the more depraved and inhuman they are. The peak cannot be seen, but the upper levels comprise the world's wealthiest white men and women (whose names will never be on a Forbes 500 list) - the top Zionist bankers and the innermost elite of the elites.

Their wealth is stolen in a thousand ways from the blood and sweat of the common people, whom they view as livestock ripe for the slaughter. They have had their way with the rest of us for a long time because most of us have been too ignorant and cowardly to make them stop, and the few who do speak out against them, they have silenced. They have engineered, financed, and profited from every revolution and every major war in modern time. Their tools are the World Bank, the IMF, and all the biggest banks, through whose blood-sucking debt schemes they keep the Third World nations in poverty and are steadily bringing the First World nations also to their knees via controlled demolition of the money economy. And if they control most of the world's wealth, which they do, then I should hardly have to spell out the architecture of worldly power that that wealth has bought them. It is all around us: in politics and legislation, of course; likewise religion, art, entertainment, education, medicine; the courts, the police and military forces; the food, water, and energy supplies; every aspect of human life.

But all this is only the outer manifestation of what is, at its core, the war for our minds and hearts. They can't touch us there, but they can set things up outwardly in such a way that most of us will, contrary to our divine nature, tend to play the part they intend for us: we become unthinking consumers of a ready-made culture, investing our efforts and emotions in the things that feed their agenda and their demonic masters' thirst for human fear and suffering. Their greatest pleasure is to so pervert our ways that we become like them: we forsake our divinity and join the morbid march of their cult of death.

From this perspective, perhaps, you may understand why I've found it so hard to make a place for myself in this society. I don't believe in the existing structure as any kind of sustainable foundation for the happy, healthy kind of life I desire for myself and those around me. I can't bring myself to play by the stinkin' rules. I'm an uppity slave, haha. Freedom? Dream on! Well, it was a nice dream while it lasted. Too bad I never made a workable plan to attain it. I realize now that freedom has a price. It's earned. I haven't earned mine. I'm not yet ready to claim it. It's that simple.

My heart is undefeated. I will play the game for a while longer, but only until I sense my time has arrived to step forward and play a different part, the part I feel I am destined for. As long as there is time on the clock, I will play the game. I have a life to rebuild, such as it is, and thank God for the resources at my disposal even within such a system as this. There is a sanity to it, if you don't dig too deep. :D

So I'll make use of what's here now in preparation for whatever is to come after. My primary concern is to learn a practical trade. Since I left high school eight years ago, I've only managed to hit dead end after dead end. I've never really had a clear idea what I wanted to do for a living. I have a better idea now, and the will to do what it takes to find out for sure what it is, get that education, and finally gain a useful skill set so that someday I'll be able to support not only myself, but my future children as well.

Running away was a pipe dream. There's no "away" to run to. Everything I need is right here. It's a tough pill to swallow, to admit that I've been on the wrong track all this time. Not that adventuring in itself is wrong - God forbid! - but I see now that I have not been in a position where I could do that and still be leading a responsible life too. And I think some kind of adventure may find me anyway, before all is said and done. No need to seek it out!

Sometimes the very hardest thing to do is exactly what a person must do. In my case, it's to humble myself down to my own size, bite the bullet, and play the game for as long as need be.

But I won't be singing their song while I do it. ;)