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Time travel claim! O_o

I was browsing Godlike Productions this morning. That in itself is rather unusual, since my overwhelming impression of the place is the Internet equivalent of a procession of garbage trucks dumping load after load of random, worthless trash, much of it malodorous. Sure, there might be a few rare treasures amongst the refuse, but sifting through the piles for it just doesn't feel worth the trouble. Still, as a reading experience, it's a step up from the dreaded YouTube comment sections. I even read those sometimes. *shudder*

(I might as well mention that the path that brought me there was a Google search for "sleep deprivation hallucination," which was on my mind after a sleepless night due to the latest "high" cycle of my often bipolar disorder-like mood tendencies. I did find quite a deliciously disturbing tale, halfway down this page, in which Time behaves very, very badly.)

As chance would have it, one particularly active discussion thread, titled "I traveled through time," caught my eye. It was started by the cryptically named 369.994 on August 20th, the day before yesterday, and has reached nine pages as of this writing.

GLP, understandably, is a veritable tall tale magnet, attracting cranks, weirdos, and disinfo artists of all stripes. I'm sure this type of extraordinary claim is nothing new to the folks who frequent the place. Still, I'm more than a little intrigued by this case. There's nothing about it, in my opinion, that clearly and unquestionably places it in the hoax bin, despite all the usual calls of "B.S." from posters eager to prove their own talent for seeing through contrived, fallacious, and inflated crap.

369.994, if he (or she) is merely stringing us along, has played the role of a time-traveling future "amateur psyentist" pretty much flawlessly. His manner is sincere and no-nonsense. To my layman's understanding of such things, the presented scientific principles (and limitations) of the technologies he claims to be using seem plausible. His answers to people's questions about the future make perfect, simple, logical sense to my way of thinking and looking forward. If he's faking, then at least it's a good, entertaining fake! =)

To me, the most interesting question, especially if this is all for real, is the motive. In a more recent topic on another site, 369.994 claims to be from the year 2079, conducting a "social experiment." Of course, that would make sense from the hoax perspective, too! It's fun to imagine, though, what would motivate me to go back 70 years into the past and invite people to ask me about their perceived future / my perceived past. I'd probably do it just because I could! ;) Besides that, though, I think the time period in question, the next 70 years, is gearing up to be so unbelievably transformative that I'd see myself as potentially providing a genuine service by preparing people's minds just a little bit for some of the massive changes to come.

In response to queries on how to get through the turbulent times ahead, 369.994 recommended living in peace and ensuring one's own supply of clean drinking water and fresh, organic foods. Darn good advice in any case!

Our mysterious numeronymous friend also left us with a noteworthy unsolicited tidbit: a friendly suggestion to seek out and listen to something called "Invocation from Thoth's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza." I found an MP3 by that name here. Who knows, there might be something to it. :) Leastways, this whole deal seems to carry a theme of sound, waves, frequency, music. I find myself wondering what's so special about F sharp... its frequency is, after all, 369.994 hertz... -.^ Hmmm.

Cryoshell - Bye Bye Babylon

Watch the music video here.

Let me take on eternity
Taking one more step, and let it rip through me
I'm building up my nerve
So you can wish me well
Or you can wish me hell
From pride we'll fall!

Bye bye, Babylon!
Was reaching for the sun
Depraving everyone
So don't you know
You don't belong.

Bye bye, Babylon!
Now scattered, you will run
Left burning in the sun
Prepare to be
Bye bye, Babylon, be gone!

The prime obstruction is facing me
I wanted to retreat, but you won't let me be
I'm calling for belief
Be sure, I will be there
And you will fall!

Bye bye, Babylon!
Now scattered, you will run
Left burning in the sun
Prepare to be
Bye bye, Babylon, be gone!

Bye bye, Babylon, be gone!

Bye bye, Babylon, be gone!


This song works on several levels. I like to interpret it from the perspective of where I stand personally.

Translate "Babylon" as "New World Order" and this song instantly becomes relevant to our time.

Our modern civilizations have been ruled through the millennia by secret bloodlines that trace their lineage back to the fallen Atlantis. This invisible ruling class has been behind every major religion and every post-diluvian empire since ancient Sumer and Babylonia. The current crop of globalist leaders and minions collectively known as the New World Order -- including religious figureheads, bankers, politicians, corporate multi-billionaires, occult media sorcerers, and various hi-tech black-ops agencies -- are simply the latest incarnation of the control system that has ever tried to herd humanity like so many sheep for the slaughter.

I do not delude myself with imaginings of some formal conspiracy between these folks to try to take over the world. They are just people doing their thing, acting out their personal aspirations. Most of them are well-intentioned on some level, but many are also misguided. Some, by their actions, betray a complete lack of empathy for their fellow human beings. We might call these people psychopaths.

These dark elements within the upper echelons of power have gained such inordinate influence in today's world that their conceited machinations are now plain to see. They no longer even try to hide the fact that they want to institute world government and a total matrix grid of control. Especially since the false-flag terror ritual of 9-11, their totalitarian tiptoe has broken into a full sprint. Little do they realize, in the dizzying heights of their hubris, the sad depth of their error.

History runs in cycles. So does nature. The precessional cycle of Earth, the "Great Year" or "Galactic Day," is about 26,000 years. Atlantis fell about 12,000 years ago. The Atlanteans, in the glory of their advanced civilization, had become arrogant. They played at being gods with powerful technologies that they were not capable of using responsibly, and caused much suffering. Sound familiar? Well, nature had an answer for that, unfortunately for them. The planetary upheaval wiped the slate clean, leaving almost no trace of Atlantis save a few ruins and a few scattered survivors to carry on the torch of civilization.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." This applies to us all. Modern science and ancient prophecies both tell us clearly that Earth changes are coming once again. The secret governments of the world have been preparing by building underground cities at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. Guess what? The builders have found the remains of ancient underground cities deeper and larger than their own. This has all happened before.

So the new Babylon is, willy-nilly, setting itself up to fall. Is there a method to this madness? If there is, it must be on a level above these duped humans and their desperate schemes.

I suspect it has to do with the great awakening I see happening. The game is becoming so obvious that more and more people who were previously dreaming the dreams of false reality perpetuated by the professional liars in mainstream media, politics, and religion, are starting to see through those illusions. People are demanding truth and transparency. They realize they've been lied to. They're as mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. This concept is so oft repeated in the circles of the aware that it's become cliché.

There's more to it, of course, than the awakening to these and other concrete facts of the world around us. There's a parallel awakening to the inner reality of who we are. And that leads me to the other element of this song: the 'I.'

The speaker is a person I relate to very much. She is gradually "releasing" falsehood and limitation, to take on that which is eternal. One step at a time. She's letting the experience pass through her, not holding back. Building up her nerve for what's to come and what it will demand of her. "So you can wish me well / or you can wish me hell" -- depending on how she plays, the potential is there for victory or defeat. In any event, she knows that her own false pride won't be doing her any good.

"Unseen..." Everything in herself of which she is unaware. The "prime obstruction" is her greatest inner demon, the one blocking the way forward at every turn, again and again. Retreat is not an option in the face of the dragon within nor of the dragon without -- Babylon in all its forms. Faith is needed: faith in herself, and faith in the universe. Together they are invincible. She swears to "be there" to see Babylon fall.

"Bye bye, Babylon, be gone!"


I've obviously projected my own worldview onto these lyrics, but the way everything fits makes me wonder if the songwriter didn't have something similar in mind. Who knows? On the other hand, you can just as well read this song as simply a promotion of this year's BIONICLE storyline. This band's previous songs for the BIONICLE franchise, however, are equally resonant with my understandings of deeper issues. Multiple levels, as always. I'll explore those songs in future entries. :)

A funny thing happened on the way to the apocalypse…

I’m not an end-times prophet. Let’s get that out of the way first. With that said, there are many good, intelligent, aware people out there who, based on any of a myriad of sources from the scientific to the intuitive, are sounding the alarm bells. More power to them, say I. Because it’s clear to me that we are going through a time of epic crisis in pretty much all areas of human life. I am halfway convinced (my favourite way of being convinced! … OK, it is a little bit more than halfway in this case ;) ) that we are quickly bearing down on a climax point of some kind, which will decide the fate of our species and many of us individually. I feel like I’m in a cosmic movie, where the drama just keeps amping up.

At the same time, however, I am sceptical of pretty much all prophecies and predictions. So many events have been trumpeted as being right around the corner, and then failed to manifest. Anticlimax after anticlimax has been the general rule. It’s interesting to speculate why this might be, especially since I do believe time is very malleable, that the present exists simultaneously with all past and future moments, and that those with a perspective beyond 3-D space-time (whether that’s achieved through technology, psychic abilities, or an inherent hyperdimensional nature) can easily view probable future timelines.

Project Camelot is an interesting mindfuck. (Excuse my language, in this case I use the term in a positive sense – call me Humpty Dumpty!) I follow the site and have listened to a good portion of their interviews. (Some of the information is of high quality, some of it rather questionable – always exercise discernment!) Their conclusion as to our current timeline is that there is simply no longer any telling what’s gonna happen next. “All bets are off.” In the past, the powers that be could use remote viewing to gain an advantage over the rest of us; now, that advantage is more or less gone. We’re all sailing through this fog in the same boat, so to speak.

This post by Engtovo presents the explanation that the Creator force itself is intervening, steering things on the macro scale, presumably because this period of time is so utterly sensitive and critical that no lesser force could be entrusted with the job. Now how’s that for epic? Jeebus. Fortunately for us, though, our free will remains undiminished. (Maybe the preservation of free will is one of the Creator’s very reasons for stepping in?) Each one of us is still totally responsible for his or her own personal destiny within this grand scheme of things.

This is a bit of a diversion, but I can’t go without mentioning Clif High’s latest ALTA report as an example of these end-times predictions. I respect the man for his integrity in not pushing his conclusions as being actual predictions. He presents himself as being his own work’s biggest critic, and goes to great lengths to warn people not to invest actual belief in his *ahem* pseudoscientific results. “For entertainment purposes only,” cautions the caveat. So, what does this harmless piece of entertainment say is likely coming down the pike? Ho boy, don’t even ask. Some hella scary shit. Pay him a lousy ten bucks and you can read the doom porn for yourself. Read it and weep.

But you know what? The world could have burned a hundred times over by this point. Look at all the near misses we’ve had, the dire prophecies of death and destruction that never came to pass. It’s a goddamn miracle that I’m sitting here in my comfy little apartment, writing this tripe. Do you believe in miracles? I do. I can’t not believe.

Now, I think it’s entirely possible that the majority of Earth humans will perish in the years to come. It’s entirely possible that we’ll be hit with not one or two, but a veritable cascade of cataclysmic events, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom. It’s also entirely possible that our future as humanity will be brighter than we could even imagine. That our children and grandchildren will live in a world that is as harmonious and joyful and pure as our world is chaotic, violent, and corrupted. I believe in the possibility of these things.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.

I don’t know what’s coming, or when. I don’t know if I’ll even survive the eschaton. I’d damn well like to, and something tells me I just might do it, but physical death doesn’t scare me either. Maybe I’m just full of the audacity of youth and a psychological illusion of immortality, but I know that the true 'I' will never die, only change and grow.

The universe is a glorious place, and whatever happens, I’m honoured to be a part of it. Love is infinite, and it really is the stuff we’re all ultimately made of. Pure energy. Can’t destroy that. Do with it what you will, but you can’t destroy it.

Here’s looking forward to the future. I say the more surprises it holds, the better. Bring it, Kosmos, baby, bring it!