Purification / Setting the tone

December 30, 2009

9:00 PM – 27 hours until Zero Hour. Went for a sauna, threw water on the hot rocks 3x3x3 times. Began fasting.

9:30 PM – Started writing this entry.

December 31, 2009, New Year's Eve

6:30 AM – Wake up. Breakfast is plain porridge and water.

7:30 AM – Catch ride with uncle to city where I live.

8:00 AM – Arrive at home.

To-do list for the day: Go through mail. Clean apartment. Cleanse out toxic holiday crap. Work out, meditate, nap.

11:33 PM – Final preparations for Zero Hour. As far as possible, remove all frequencies within self that might interfere.

January 1, 2010, New Year's Day

12:00 AM – Zero Hour. WEIRDing.

Post-Zero Hour – Turn focus to other, unrelated things. God knows there are enough of them. I have some crazy plans. More (but not too much more) about those later.

Subsequent WEIRDing sessions will not require quite such an involved process of preparation. The first session will establish the tone and is therefore the most demanding. After that, it will only be a matter of recalling that frequency, holding it, and refining it.

EDIT: I noticed that the clock on my computer said 22:22 immediately after I posted this. Just a little nod from the other side of the veil. (wink)
Dog Poet, quoted from Smoking Mirrors: The Curious Cancer from Rothschildlandia:

All over the world, people are fuming and raging about the obscene behavior of a large percentage of one of the world’s smallest minorities. Instead of showing a little restraint and maybe stealing only half of everything in the world they want it all. Instead of cutting back on behaving with a blatant disregard for the laws of every land they are trying to bend to their will, they are so intoxicated with their power that all reason and good sense went out the window a long time ago. There’s no limit to their arrogant disregard for every life form but their own. Now we have Blankenfeld and Goldman Sachs doing God’s work. If God is the devil I would have to agree.

It just gets clearer and clearer and closer to the cosmic spanking that is coming up the road to greet them. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. Every stereotype that has been applied to them over the centuries and which they have used the anti-Semitic club to beat down into the ground has been proven in blazing neon over these recent years. Within the law of universal balance there lies a terrible fate brewing for these self-chosen ones. If they read this would they sagely nod their head and say, “Yes, this is so. We must mend our ways”? I am afraid not.

Well… the time will come. It always does. It comes to empires and nations. It comes to rich and poor alike. It comes to races and religions. They all expire beneath the wheels of time and justice and every particle of their being and presence and all of their works are brought to judgment at some point. The alternative media is filled with the evidence of Zionist crimes every single day. The mass media reports very few of them and when it does it spins the circumstances and details in a favorable light.


This whole scene is out of control and I’m going to call bullshit on it. It’s a staged production and an extremely poor one at that. We have to collect by the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands around the world, wherever we may be at a given hour every day and collectively focus our attention on Rothschildlandia and chant, “Out demons out!” You can also say, “Om Raksha, Raksha, Phat!” That will work too. We have to focus our collective wills upon Rothschildlandia all at once and see the Earth opening beneath it so that it may migrate to its eternal home.

There are enough of us to be a force to reckon with and we need to turn it on Rothschildlandia and on Mubarak; Gordon Brown, Netanyahoo and his man in the shadows. ‘seven come 9/11’ Barak. We have to become a collectively fused and focused force and we can accomplish miracles. The time is certainly at hand and there is no more critical work to which we can turn our hearts and our minds and our hands if we want to make a difference in the life on this planet. Well… there is a greater work, how could I forget? Still… this one may certainly be a necessary part of the other. Let’s pick an hour of the day that works for all of us wherever we may be and get to work. If we build it they will come.
The best time is morning USA because it also hits Europe and the Middle East in the waking period. On the other hand it might be better to do it afternoon USA and later evening Europe because a lot of Israel will be sleeping and the subconscious will be open..

Let's understand each other here. This isn't Visible Origami. This is Smoking Mirrors and this is about pouring sugar into Israel's gas tank. I don't want to hear about world peace or uplifting each other into a new age donation box. I want sabotage and a little reverse shock and awe.

I want something that messes with Israels ability to kill and steal from and blackmail people and nations. I want them to have to suddenly find themselves in a place where nothing works and everything goes wrong. Because if nothing works and everything goes wrong for Israel it will automatically benefit everyone, everywhere else.

I want them begging for us to stop, pleading to change and even offering to return all those kiddie body parts. I want them to feel the flames licking at the napes of their necks and I'm not interested in hearing how many good people are among them because there are less than 5% who oppose their policies. I don't want to reason with them... have hugfests and heart to hearts. I don't want to come together to explore our common understandings in a nurturing environment of unmitigated bullshit. I want to bring them to heel. I want them prostrate before the force of a collected and directed will. All others need not apply.

You want to sing Kumbaya and give each other massages then you are welcome to solicit that for your own time window.

I want an end to this shit and I know it can get done. I could explain how this works in actual material physics but I've got things to do at the moment and you probably already know.
It's 7:00 PM here right now which makes it 6:00PM in London and 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00AM in California which means it's 7:00 (I think) in Hawaii...it's been awhile since I had to compute time.

I think Midnight in Jerusalem works well around the board. it would be 11:00PM here, 10:00PM in UK and 5:00PM to 1:00PM across the US.

I'm thinking a quatrain to be repeated at your time and directed at the occupied Holy Land. It's good to establish that an invader has taken possession of someone's country and has driven them out or locked them in concentration camps. The rightness of what we do must be established first. We should also remind ourselves that Israel was behind 9/11 and probably the other major terror attacks as well so we are dealing with a habitation of demons.

This is the premise behind out demons out and you are free to chant that for whatever period of time you like and to visualize the demons being driven out of occupied Palestine and out of the residents as well (apparently 94% of them are possessed.

I suggest something along these lines.

Out demons out
(3 times)

followed by-

may all their plots turn against them
may they be driven from the occupied lands
may they be exposed to all the people of the world
may Gaza be granted relief
and may judgment come to the murderer and thief

out demons out
(3 times)

Some will no doubt consider this an act of hate or some politically correct bullshit label. What is going on there is an act of hate. This is an act of exorcism and practical and applied magic. This is the very thing they stopped the people from joining hands around the Pentagon. The fused will of a lot of people is a very powerful thing. Remember... "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name."

Speak these words with intention and 'see' them coming in on the air and landing in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, as you wish. See them degenerating into confusion and losing all will to continue. See them melting if you wish but see them hindered and disabled to continue with their vile mischief.

Speak these words as if you were channeling the voice of God. Speak in a voice of command that will brook not resistance or interference. Command it to be so.. Believe it is so and then dismiss it from your mind. Don't think about it until the time comes around again. All these things are important and I do know what I'm talking about in this regard.
oops.. some anal retentive is sure to point out that that isn't a quatrain. I know that. I changed my plans on the way... It is not a quatrain and not intended to pass for a quatrain. It bears no resemblance to a quatrain...
gurnygob said...

Les. Re:
I suggest something along these lines.

Out demons out (3 times)

followed by-

may all their plots turn against them
may they be driven from the occupied lands
may they be exposed to all the people of the world
may Gaza be granted relief
and may judgment come to the murderer and thief

out demons out (3 time)

Les. I have to say this no matter how you or others may feel about it.

What would it take for the above to happen?

You are talking about a whole lot of shit hitting the fan and a whole lot of people, ordinary Palestinians, Jews and others, suffering a whole lot more shit hitting the fan in order for these things to take affect. I know your heart is for the innocent who suffer, but in your zeal for justices you may be overlooking the power of what you are asking for.

“Out demons out” is all well and good, but a demon will not depart without a fight. You of all people should know this.

Jesus, the Christ, showed us the way to defeat certain demon spirits when he said that “there are evil spirits that can only be removed by fasting and prayer”. Fasting in the right context humbles the body and purifies it of ill intent. To be honest, what I am getting from most of the comments here is something akin to hatred of the Jews, or collectively, the whole state of Israel. The whole state of Israel comprises more than Zionist Jews.

I have had experiences of demons in my personal life and trust me; they do not just “up-and-leave” without a fight and causing, in the process, as much shit as they can.

It’s just not their style. They always look for the easy way out. In order for your suggestion to work with the upmost justices the participants would first need to remove any hatred from their hearts otherwise the said “demons” would have a field- day in their exit, causing untold suffering and mayhem for all in their wake. Be careful what you ask for. Your intention is good I agree, but the method needs refining.

Jesus said. “But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you:
Why would Jesus say such a thing? Because we are fighting a spiritual battle.

“For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.”

Do you think for a moment they would give way to hatred? Hatred is one of their main weapons. It is hatred that fuels them. In order for this to work I would advise you to ask all those wanting to partake, to pray and in particular to “fast” in order for real justices to take affect.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I am not trying to undermine you. I am in full agreement with your request but as I said, the method needs refining. All those who are worthy will see this and would gladly partake in fasting or some sort of self-sacrifice so that the “spirit of truth” may win the day, rather than a legion of spirits from hell, fuelled by hate.

Yours truly,
Ps. Love “concurs” all
PPS. Pps. A bad spirit can only be defeated by pure intention.
Anonymous said...

A suggestion ... A little old world and longer .. and please feel free to change ..

Meditative or Calm State

Say ..

MY PRAYER (and for those who are comfortable with the wording) MY DECREE

I CALL FORTH all those who work with me from other realms of consciousness.

FOR PURPOSES OF THIS DECREE/PRAYER, the physical group assisting in setting this decree works in the realm of integrated light to hold and facilitate this decree. I call upon all beings on the path of growing into unity, to bear witness and to give effect to this decree.

to save Palestine, the world and myself:

of every being entering or supporting this Decree, from Earth and including any and all other realms of consciousness, be brought together so that their effect NOW shall be exponential as each being joins this Decree, regardless of Earthly timing

OUR PURPOSE HEREIN is to remove the demonic influences currently operating in ... (help here with SPECIFIC words.....).

"Out demons out,
out demons out,
out demons out.

May all their plots turn against them,

may they be driven from the occupied lands,

may they be exposed to all the people of the world,

may Gaza be granted relief,

and may judgment come to the murderer and thief.

Out demons out,
out demons out,
out demons out."

This is my solemn will and command SUBJECT ONLY TO IT BEING APPROPRIATE TO THE DIVINE PLAN for this time on planet Earth.


Kheireddine said...

Les, BCth and all,
it is not about magic when it comes to me, it is about prayers, and the univers listens if you speak on the same frequency. It is not about using magic, leave it to tptb, their own magic is bringing them down, they use kabala and other forms of demons worshiping technics. They use illusion, we use the truth. The truth about what we feel about all their wrong doings and disgusting technics.
I was not refering earlier to magic, but about praying.
Along with praying, in groups and by yourself, stop taking bullshit. What can be discribed as bullshit can be discribed as "the great illusion" forced upon us by demented and spoiled souls. In all level of our daily lives. Out demons out of our lives, once u get rid of them out of your head.
There is no wiht and black magic, there is an illusion, only the truth can make these demented men inpower to stop hurting people, active truth that is.
No magic.
I will add any further refinements to this entry if needed.

Pouring sugar into the gas tank of the ogre

It is the middle of the night and I have been thinking. I thought of many questions I would have liked to dowse with my pendulum, to have my thoughts receive their just judgment, be they correct or off the mark. Since breaking out that device would have disturbed a person's sleep, I have flipped a coin instead, asking whether my line of thinking has been basically correct and whether I should write it out. The answer came in the affirmative, so here I am once again, working in Linux without my Internet connection. (I always write this way, and then I restart and publish in Windows.)

The Dog Poet has just come out with a very heavy piece of writing. Dangerous, even. But dangerous to whom?

I could remain aloof from this suggestion he is making. I could reason that I am aligned with peace and love and joy and bliss and coconuts, and have nothing to do with what he is suggesting. But another part of me, a part whose voice I cannot deny, says that that would be contemptible and cowardly. Knowing what I know, I cannot stand by and let others take this action without doing my own part together with them.

The “action” of which I speak is very simple: a moment of unified, focused intent upon a single outcome. I would characterize that outcome as a restoration of balance. Intent and Balance: two of the four spiritual laws described in the Handbook to the New Paradigm, as I recall. The others are Allowance and Attraction.

Focused Intent makes things happen. I have made some unlikely things happen in my life through my own focused intent. The focused intent of a group of people is far, far more powerful than that of any individual. It has the power to affect our shared reality. The ones who have been making negative things happen on this Earth are well aware of this law and have made exceedingly effective use of it. They have used it to dominate others and to shape the world in the image of their own twisted thinking. They have succeeded in this to a considerable degree. But they will not succeed much longer. They are few, and the tide has already turned sorely against them.

Balance is a law that these darkened ones do not comprehend in full. If they did, they would have turned from their path before now. As it is, that path has brought forth an imbalance of great magnitude that is soon to be rectified, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. It is not an if, but a when. Grace has long been extended and rejected, and so comes the time when grace is withdrawn and the unrepentant criminals face consequences. My prayer is only that it happen quickly, so that the healing on all levels might begin as soon as possible.

Allowance. This is a free-will universe. All things are allowed as long as free will allows them. The majority of us, through ignorance, silence, and inaction, have allowed bad things to be done, not only to our countrymen, but to those in faraway places who never had a chance. The victimization of the people of Gaza is the most extreme example today. They are denied basic levels of food, water, and medicine. They have had their lands taken away, their homes destroyed, and their family members murdered in cold blood. Now we hear of organ harvesting and other grievous crimes being perpetrated against them. If this does not move a person's heart, I don't know what will. I choose to join with those who exercise their free will to not allow these things to happen anymore. Enough is enough.

[break for sleep]

Attraction: like attracts like. This is why the parasites, the predators, the vampires, the ones who get a thrill out of shedding the blood of innocents and committing all manner of abominable acts, now live in a reality that is completely divorced from sanity and decency. At the same time, the numbers and strength of those who are attracting love, light, and harmony onto this Earth have grown. The two divergent realities cannot coexist forever, because the Earth herself has chosen to ascend. Those who have committed to a descending path must perforce ship out so that they can have what they deserve and so that the rest of us can have what we deserve. Some of them may shove off physically and leave this plane entirely, others may remain but be reduced to irrelevance. I don't know how, exactly, it's set to go down.

I do know that if Israel attacks Iran, as it looks ever more likely to do, that final act of arrogance and aggression will seal the fate of the Zio-vampires and their machinery, leading to their ultimate downfall and the chain-reaction downfall and/or transformation of all that is in alignment with their power. They will have brought it upon themselves. If this is indeed now the only possibility we have of becoming free of their negative influence, then it is my joyless duty to do my small part to help hasten it. I do not ask anyone to join in this moment of unified, focused intent. Whoever feels called in their heart to do so will take part, and that will suffice.

Some may read this and think blasphemy and black magic. That I am as lost a soul as any of the dark ones of whom I speak. Quite honestly, I have nothing to say to that. This initiative may be a detour and a trap... but it might also be something I need to go through on my way to wherever I'm going. Either way, I am compelled. I just attempted to dowse some answers with my pendulum, but it refuses to give any. I take that as a sign that I need to go deeper and stop abdicating my responsibility to an external thing. It appears my Higher Self is teaching me self-reliance of a higher order, the need to listen better and more directly. And so I shall.

I suspect this is a task I shall need to do from a place of shanti, inner peace. To succumb to the energy of conflict and duality (anger) may nullify the value of this exercise to my spiritual growth. A problem cannot be solved by the level of thinking that caused the problem, n'est-ce pas? And so I return to the principle I invoked in the beginning: Balance. To intend that Balance be restored, in order to allow us all to experience that which we have attracted to ourselves: this is what I think I shall do. Will it make a difference? God only knows. But I have faith nonetheless that all will work out as it must, for the best.

UPDATE: Having now read through the comment section of Les' post, I have a better idea of what this is about: in a word, exorcism. When you put it that way, I can't think of a single reason not to join in. "Out, demons, out!" So simple. I had go make it all complicated, didn't I? Well, I guess it's in my nature to analyze stuff and try to understand it. (grin)

A long-winded statement of intent

A dear friend of mine privately expressed his disapproval of a certain action I recently took, namely posting a link to this blog on his friend's Facebook wall. This was offensive and uncalled-for, he said, considering the beliefs of that friend in contrast with some of my views expressed here. In retrospect, I see his point very well. I have since apologized and undone that ill-considered action. I had already stopped the practice of tagging Facebook friends in my notes imported from here, because that can easily be viewed as spam and I hate spam as much as anyone else. Unsolicited links certainly fall into that category as well, and I was in error to do what I did.

That being said, I don't apologize for my views and I don't think I should have to. I make some effort to qualify my statements of opinion, but to do that constantly would be tiring and would make my prose plodding. I rest assured that my readers, whoever they are, can and will use their own discernment to filter my words. I myself can end up disagreeing with my own words later, so how can I expect anyone else to agree with me? That's not the point. The point is to express myself freely. To censor that expression would defeat the purpose of keeping a blog in the first place.

This same friend characterized my views as “anti-Christian.” I understand they appear so to his mind, and he is welcome to see it that way; however, I see it differently. To disagree with certain aspects of a particular belief system, and to voice that disagreement, is not necessarily to attack the whole. And for someone to take such criticism of their belief system as an attack on them personally is, I think, a result of the misidentification of the ego with that belief system. I am not my beliefs, just as I am not my body or my name or my occupation. Those are things that I have, and they are all temporary. I do not go out of my way to insult Christians or anyone else; nevertheless, there will always be individuals who take offense. I realize that I have not always chosen my words as carefully as I could have, and that is unfortunate. But I am not perfect and I don't claim to be. In cases where my words might cause offense, all I can do is hope for the offended party's forgiveness and understanding.

No one is forced to read my blog. If I may have promoted it a little too enthusiastically before, I no longer do so. I shall be content to simply keep on writing and let those who are attracted come, and those who are not, go elsewhere. That's the beauty of the Internet: barring the odd blind link, everyone gets to choose pretty much exactly what to allow into their consciousness.

Everyone is on their own, personal journey in life. There are longer and shorter paths, more pleasant and less pleasant paths, easier and harder paths, lighter and darker paths, but no path is better or worse than another. The continuing existence of this blog constitutes an open invitation to walk a step with the writer, hear what is going through his mind at the moment, and, if you are so inclined, to freely offer your own thoughts in return. His sincere intent is for this exercise in sharing to be mutually beneficial and/or interesting. If it were not, there would be no reason to engage in it.

Huh boy, do I take myself seriously or what? Well, I am in a bit of a funk, so... (shrug). Now I go to transmute this melancholy into peace, perhaps even joy, through a little spot of active meditation. Good luck to me. (small smile)

The Spirit of Christmas 2009

It is Christmas Day and I am at my grandparents' home here in Kempele, Finland. I have so much to be thankful for; I have received so much. I feel very rich in the things that matter. In a world where so many go hungry, I have enough to eat; where so many live under the threat of violence, I enjoy peace; where so many are lost and confused and afraid, I am able to see far enough to know where I stand, and that there is nothing to fear. Even suffering and death hold no fear for me, for I know that all things, without exception, serve an ultimate purpose which is benevolent. To perceive that purpose ever more clearly, and to align myself with it ever more closely: these are my highest aspirations in this life.

I have truly felt the spirit of Christmas in these past days. It is a spirit that cherishes the people and animals that are near and dear to us. It is a generous spirit; it is a prayerful spirit; it is a joyful spirit; it is a peaceful spirit. For me, this has been a very special Christmas. I sense that the coming year will bring so many changes in the world that we will quite possibly look back on this as, in some ways, the last “normal” Christmas season ever. But what has made it extra special to me is that I have never before comprehended the meaning of Christmas as deeply I do now. Last year at this time I was relatively aloof, having extricated myself from the Christian religious paradigm only that past spring. I was then in a more agnostic frame of mind, caught up in chasing the shadow of truth outside myself. Now I am cultivating a true spiritual connection.

I see the Bible's stories of Jesus as what they are, stories; one can learn much truth from stories if one is only able to discern it. Literalistic interpretation is foolish and useless to me, especially in light of the distortions introduced by those who compiled the collection of writings and called it The One and Only Definitive Word of God. There is no such thing, certainly not in words that can be uttered by the lips or understood by the mind of man.

I cast a few glances at the TV screen today when it was showing the live feed from the Vatican. I paid little attention to what the figurehead was saying, except to chuckle at his mispronunciation of the Finnish Christmas greeting, but I noticed some other, very curious things. The pomp and circumstance, music and marching, all very ritualized. The ornate finery of the clothing worn. The incredibly expensive-looking old buildings. The soldiers, the Swiss guard. It was like a Broadway spectacle, a display of materialistic power. The camera's emphasis (from what I saw) on the soldiers and guards was especially noteworthy: it made me wonder what, exactly, they are protecting. What lies in the vaults of the Vatican? It's not the Pope's life they're really protecting – or, if it is, then they certainly aren't capable of it. I quite enjoyed the symbolism of the random lady knocking him over when I saw it on the news later. No one is "too big to fall!" And many will, I suspect; many in high places are in precarious positions of their own making. Whatever they get, they will have deserved it. Berlusconi, and Bush before him, getting publicly humiliated in a physical way, these incidents are setting a tone. They are not random, they are signs of the times.

Another sign, I think, is the latest Hollywood budget-buster megamovie. Even the title of it is highly significant. The Avatar, whatever shape it may take, is coming. Has been coming. Has arrived, and needs only to awaken. I haven't watched the film yet, and I may or may not go to see it. Everyone seems to be recommending it. I just feel the ticket price is too high for my survival-level budget. The 3-D eye candy alone isn't enough to justify it for me. I care about substance more than style. (wink) But if it's as good as Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, I might rent the DVD sometime. Anyway, the story seems to be a positive one. It's a good counterbalance to the new “V” remake. I don't know anything about extraterrestrial races first-hand, but I favour the notion that the vast majority of them would rather help us than harm us. I'm as convinced as I can be that any overt “alien invasion” scenario that might ever manifest would turn out to be a false-flag operation. But I'm not expecting any such attack to even take place, much less to be successful at hoodwinking all of humanity. We're wising up to the game – those of us who are ever going to wise up, anyway.

I've spent some time lately catching up on a very active thread over at Project Avalon Forums. It's based on intuitively derived and unprovable information, so a grain of salt would be recommended there, but I found it highly interesting nonetheless. Something is indeed brewing, and as far as I'm concerned, it can't happen too soon. Disclosure of the ET presence is a done deal, one way or another, and it would appear to be coming sooner rather than later. The global elites, particularly the most negative ones, are running out of options as far as the economy is concerned. The plan to introduce a world currency based on the same old wealth-sucking, debt-based scheme is the stupidest idea ever. The Wall Street derivative and housing bubbles have mutated into the biggest black hole in history. The best thing we can do is to just return to our senses and realize that we've been caught in a nightmare. All that's needed is to wake up from the ridiculous idea that numbers in a computer necessarily have anything to do with real wealth. Real capital is all around us in abundance. It's raw materials from nature and it's human potential. Knowledge and the application of knowledge. It is also energy and the means to use it. There are two major limiting factors that I can see in our insane economy: the artificial scarcity of money (never mind that they're printing it as fast as they can – the value of what it'll buy is what counts), and the artificial scarcity of energy. Cheap, highly efficient technologies that would threaten the profits of the mostly oil-based energy companies have deliberately been kept out of use for probably a century. With disclosure of the ET presence will come the release of those technologies and a miraculous economic recovery. Did I say recovery? More like rebirth.

Just before I started this little piece, I caught wind of David Wilcock's latest writing, published just in time for Christmas. I haven't read it yet, but I will as soon as I've posted this. I also recommend Les Visible's blog entries for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In fact, I would recommend anything by those two. Not as Gospel Truth, but as more like Chicken Soup for the Awakening Soul. (grin)

The clock just crossed over to the 26th where I am, so I hope you had a good Christmas and wish you all an amazing New Year. We've got a blue moon happening right on New Year's Eve, which is quite fun considering it's a new decade as well. Be well, be at peace, and I'll see you on the other side.
Song of Love and Light

brother Light, sister Love
brother Love, sister Light
oh, where have you been?
we've missed you for so long.
how can it be
we are so lost
we have forgotten you
and everything we do
turns to dust and decay.
we are the blind
following the blind
toward our own destruction.
knowledge is power
but it cannot be gained from books.
separation caused our hurt
our ignorance brought forth pain.
from whence shall we find healing?

liquid Light, crystal Love
liquid Love, crystal Light
the universe is a layered mystery
with oh so many layers yet
unseen, unopened, unfathomed
all things flow
all things change
all things pass through the fire
of righteous judgment
and are grokked in fullness.
all things are part of fullness.
they are part of this vast song
that goes on forever.

beautiful Light, gracious Love
beautiful Love, gracious Light
and wisdom,
and direction,
and information,
and thought,
yea, these are even the very elements
of creation.

sacred Light, divine Love
sacred Love, divine Light
eternally joined
now in harmony.
whatsoever hath not Love
is illusion,
and whatsoever lacketh Light
is a lie.
remain with me, in me
and so shall I remain with you, in you.

I am Love
I am Light
and I shall live
corruption and sorrow
will be with me tomorrow
but tomorrow is a dream
like today
and yesterday.
one day I will wake up
and find...

only Light, illuminating Love
only Love, emanating Light.
It goes almost without saying that I've been going through a very transformative time lately. What else is new, right? (grin) This time I feel I'm really making progress in some fundamental areas. My whole sense of reality has begun to shift on an ever-deeper level, beyond mere intellectual awareness and into the level of basic belief and manifest experience.

The last time I wrote, my breakthrough was the laying of a particular foundational rock, the ability to stand firm in the knowledge that I AM, therefore I AM. The implications of this knowledge are far-reaching. If I Am as the Infinite Is, then truly I am the Infinite. (As are you and as is everything in existence.) My conscious, egoic mind now has a way to become a tool and a partner in life, such that it might eventually know its place and be able to be called up and used or set aside at will.

After this epiphany, it was natural for me to attract to myself the next piece of the puzzle. It's a piece that I've always had with me; again, this was simply a matter of having it clarified and brought home in a more personally meaningful and relevant way.

The re-Minder (re-Hearter) in this case was David Icke's Tales from the Time Loop, specifically the latter portion. David, in his inimitably down-to-earth style, makes very clear his understanding that “Infinite Love is the only truth; everything else is illusion.” He reduces our seeming reality into the vibrations of energy that it fundamentally is. We are infinite consciousness choosing to have an experience of being human. Our five senses function to receive vibrational signals and construct an immersive virtual reality experience that we then like to think is perfectly real and solid and existing, in an absolute sense, independently of ourselves. Wrong!

Where did all that vibrating energy come from? It came from consciousness to begin with! So what we are observing as this seeming world “out there” is in fact a direct reflection of the thoughts that consciousness is having. Thoughts become things through the alchemy of creation. By thinking something, consciousness also creates it. Because it's all just a virtual reality, right? So, then... what's the power behind it all???

It's Love, silly! That's the whole reason for creating anything in the first place. Love is what makes up and sustains everything that is. And the Love of Prime Creator is a perfect, all-encompassing Love that is the only thing that really exists in an absolute and eternal sense. When we speak of Oneness, we are speaking of Infinite Love. They are the same thing.

Oneness does not vibrate, because there are no two different states for it to oscillate between. It is totally still. It simply IS. David Icke puts it so well when he describes how to get in touch with Infinite Love. All it takes is stillness. He doesn't feel the need to “meditate,” but he often does simply “sit quietly,” allowing all illusory thoughts to recede from his mind, allowing stillness to enter in. In that place of peace and stillness is the awareness of Infinite Love.

In my very limited experience, I have found that David's method can work to at least some degree. I have personally, however, had more success (i.e. a more “spectacular” experience) by placing my hands over my heart chakra and visualizing it opening like a flower with layer upon layer of petals, becoming ever more exposed and vulnerable. At the same time, I let go of ego as best I can and focus my being on just surrendering to the awesome truth of what is, to the experience of divine Love. With this method, I've been able to feel half-second bursts of the most incredible feeling I could imagine. And yet, I know that all I've allowed myself to feel has been the merest shadow, the faintest holographic imprint, of what Infinite Love really is. If I felt much more than that, I think I'd blow every fuse in my body. (grin)

I've been exposed to the idea of “You create your own reality” in an explicit way only since I read an e-book on “manifesting” using the so-called “Law of Attraction” a couple of years ago. However, that book didn't really seem to convey a full grasp of it all, in a practicable way, now that I compare it to Montalk's excellent summary on reality creation (Part 1, Part 2). You'll want to read that one for sure.

Reality creation is nothing more than the use of certain metaphysical principles to influence a given reality into being. Key factors are conscious intent (confidently deciding something, declaring it as your intent), attraction (holding thoughts that resonate with the desired reality), appropriate action (meeting reality halfway, creating possibilities for manifestation), and non-anticipation (anticipating something energetically blocks it from occurring in the way anticipated). Anxiety and doubt are obstacles to manifestation, whereas a nonchalant attitude of confidence and simple trust is key.

I have had at least one quite persuasive, though small-scale, success with reality creation. I once had a veritable clan of indestructible warts on my feet that persisted for many years, far longer than warts are supposed to last, despite my every attempt to scour them away with whatever wart cures the pharmacy had to offer. Finally, I decided, “Heck with it, I might as well try some of this voodoo, woo-woo stuff.” I put myself into as deep a trance state as I could achieve and thought wart-free thoughts as fervently as I could muster. For the next two weeks, I took “appropriate action” by eating a strict raw-foods, vegan diet. I hardly thought about my warts. I was emotionally detached from the results of the whole endeavour. Lo and behold, one morning I took a look at my feet: not a single wart nor any sign that I'd ever had one. As far as I'm concerned, that was reality creation at work, by the book. For a long time, I kind of half-dismissed the whole thing as an unrepeatable fluke, but I'm now hoping to use it to manifest progressively more spectacular results.

“Flow” is a related concept, also relevant to my current situation. I've been more or less pretty well in it lately, except for a few rough patches. Flow happens when you're following the path of least resistance. Conventional wisdom might call this laziness, but I call it not being a stupid goat-head, bashing yourself against the fence when you could just walk around it. One of David Icke's aphorisms is “Flow equals Go; Stuck equals Chuck (or change).” Being in the Flow is simply a sign that you're on the right track in life, doing what you're meant to be doing. Life isn't meant to be a miserable cycle of soul-sucking drudgery and failure; if that's your experience, then UR DOIN IT RONG. Either that or you actually signed up for such an experience before coming here; in that case, don't complain. (grin)

It's absolutely essential, if you want to get into the Flow and stay there, to follow your intuition. It'll never steer you wrong if you just cultivate the ability to hear what it's actually saying. Your intuition comes from the part of you, the non-egoic part, that's connected with all things and knows all things. It may come as the merest whisper or nudge, but you ignore it at your peril. The logical, reasoning mind can only see to the next bend, but the intuitive mind sees the whole route at once. It's there to guide you, so make use of it.

Remember the Little Engine that Could? He believed he could, and so that was his reality. If he'd believed the opposite, then he'd have gotten the opposite reality, “can't” instead of “can.” Believing makes it so. Be careful what you believe, what you tell yourself, and what you let others tell you. Your core beliefs are more than just the lens through which you view reality; they ultimately create that reality.

That's all I've got this time. Thanks for tuning in!