The canine lyricist: doG of war

War is bad. We don't like war. Never wanted it.

But we got one anyway.

There's no draft, except in cases of inescapable destiny. You might call that a soul contract. But even that's a choice, at bottom. We've got more than a few individuals with us who've agreed to play their heroic roles in this conflict at the end of all things. Les Visible is one of them.

We've got a man who was the epitome of non-violence, who actually was physically beaten more than once in his youth and never chose to fight back. Later, a kundalini experience gave him access to martial arts skills developed in other incarnations, and maybe some finer tricks as well. No more kicking the dog and getting away with it now. No, no, no. Although, fortunately, the later circumstances of his life no longer offer the small-time kickers much of a chance to even try their luck.

Karma. It's a bitch. And if you think national debts in the trillions (not to mention human casualties of war, poverty, oppression, and disease breaking into the billions) are big, wait till you see the payback some of the folks responsible for them have got coming. I don't even want to think about it. Such ugly thoughts to be having when there's all this infinite Love all around, you know?

But God has many faces.

Now, I have no patience for the divisive, warmongering, tribalistic foolishness of Jehovah. He may be due for his own payback, I don't know. But let me frame this in terms of aspects of the Creator. There's Krishna. And there's Shiva. We've had a lot of Krishna (Christos) – not that we've generally appreciated that – but Shiva's here too.* And Les, apparently, has been in conversation with both – or is that the One that encompasses both? Anyway, they've come to an understanding.

Does that scare you? It shouldn't. There's nothing to fear, except fear itself, which is illusion and cannot coexist with the presence and the realization of truth, which is Love.

Love is what will carry us to victory in this war. Les, for his part, is a tool in the hand of something beyond my ability to grok. And he's brilliant. I follow his blogs, shall I say, religiously. (Hee hee, couldn't resist using that word. It's like farting and then laughing about it.) There's the metaphysically-oriented Visible Origami, my personal favourite. Then there's the socio-political Smoking Mirrors, the cultural Reflections in a Petri Dish, and the poetic Visible Stream of Consciousness. All excellent, all very much worth looking at. He also does a twice-monthly radio broadcast and has recorded several songs for your listening pleasure and spiritual eduma– edufa– ...ed-i-fi-ca-tion. (What an exhausting word. The other one, I mean. I don't blame Les at all for quitting school early. I wasn't nearly so smart.)

I think that's all I have to say. Oh, and

* Yeah, I mangle my Hindu concepts pretty noobishly. But you know what I mean. (handwave)


    Namaste, I have been enjoying your fine blogs and look forward to your future work. Regarding this blog I was intrigued to see you identify our world at war. Very few people perceive the fact that we are at war. Much like slavery; if you ask people if slavery is alive in todays world most would say no. Slavery and war have never left our world, instead these wolves of life have transformed their apparel. Open slavery has been replaced by national debt which is carried on the back of the middle class. How can we say slavery is abolished when we are forced to give back over 50% of our income to taxation offered up in multiple guises? How can we consider ourselves free when our minds are being programmed whilst our food, air and water is deliberately posioned?
    Regarding the gears of war, ask anyone if WWIII is being waged today almost everyone would say no. Again herein lies a wolf in the sheeps clothing, war today is being waged against the individual not the nation. Bullets and bombs are replaced by HAARP, chemtrails, aspartame, flouride and many other " soft kill " attacks on all peoples of the world. How can anyone say there is not a full scale war being waged when the WHO cronies openly admit to a " family planning " strategy which is designed to reduce the world population by over 85%. Our physical and neurological integrity has been, and is being, attacked far beyond the scope of what almost anyone would ever believe.
    With that said it is important to maintain balance by seeing beyond illusion. When I say this I suggest that death, birth, physical matter, good/bad, right/wrong, time, space, separation, duality and countless other illusions must be challenged and overcome. By example, when we see death as the illusion it is we are able to maintain balance when others loose their head. Maintaining grace in the realm of maya is truly a wonderful accomplishment.
    Being able to grasp the necessity of darkness allows us to relish and value the light which inevitably comes to the clear thinker. We benefit from finding syncronicity and God self in every manifest and unmanifest moment of NOW. Peace comes to the man who truly can embrace unconditional love. Simple and apt words are uttered from the mouth of my favorite fictional character Jesus Christ.
    " Love thy enemy as you love thyself ". When we accept the ONE as God personified we are then prepared to accept all that the ONE reflects. Understanding there is no bad, no wrong will allow for the release of the desire for retribution.

    We can never slap the wrist of the child who touches the hot stove.

    In order to obtain peace and balance one MUST find in their heart a way to eliminate judgement completely. Let us search our heart for all that is not love. Define that which is not love as fear, then transmute fear into love. Our world is dualistic in nature, this dichotomy is based not in fact but in illusion.

    Namaste, my brother, fear to love will yield peace.


    Thank you for your thoughtful comment, sir. You elucidate much truth. I hope you will forgive me if I do not have more to say at this time.

    I am going through some of the worst depression I've ever had, right up there with the time I saw past light and dark and all existence, into pure meaningless chaos and nothingness, in the most real and soul-crushing way. I cursed God and the universe for several uninterrupted hours and ended up on the top of a ski jump at midnight with some very self-destructive intentions. Luckily, universe intervened and sent a young romantic couple there ahead of me. So instead of leaping, I commented on the stars and the view and found that my will to end it all had quietly left me. It still took me several weeks to get back to normal after that.

    This time I am dealing with darkness, pure and simple. Powerlessness and despair and self-loathing like a sticky, toxic ball of tar in the pit of my stomach. No hope of even seeing a psychiatrist for "an estimated 1-6 months;" that's the waitlist here. Useless fucking government hellth care.

    I know this is merely a phase and that, one way or another, I will pull through and possibly come out stronger on the other side. But for now, this black hole is all I know.