Faces of the New Renaissance: Alex Jones

UPDATE: As a follow-up to this blog, do take a look at psychegram's related post Get Ready... Here Come the New Patriots and the comment section there. His is a voice of greater experience than mine. For a more in-depth discussion on Alex Jones as possible COINTELPRO, I recommend the Signs of the Times article Celestial Esoteric Stuff and The Socio-Political Nitty Gritty. Thanks to psychegram for that link.

YouTube: Alex Jones in Waking Life

The above clip from Waking Life (2001) is hardly a balanced or complete look at Alex Jones, but it shows what he's about. While notorious for his bullhorn antics (and who could forget the Joker incident?), he is, I contend, far more than just another angry white man venting on the airwaves. He represents a large and growing current in America today: a clearer awareness of the realities of politics, economics, and the plight of the common man, which is spurring many to become active in standing up for their rights and liberties, holding their elected officials accountable, and reducing their dependence on the maybe-not-so-dependable-after-all grid.

Alex has been on the radio since the early '90s and has produced a number of virally successful documentary films. His Info Wars website is one of the most popular alternative news sites on the 'net. In the past, mainstream media outlets wouldn't have given him so much as a sarcastic mention, but oddly enough, he has now appeared more than once on FOX Television. This is less surprising when you factor in FOX's massive propaganda campaign against the new administration. They probably figured a popular critic of the powers-that-be like Alex would pull in views and boost their cause. Or they just wanted a face of the conspiracy fringe to snicker at. (I didn't watch those segments, so I don't know what went down.) In any case, the man's got balls. The FOX network is deep, deep enemy territory for him. He hasn't forgotten how different their tune was under Bush Jr. He knows their game: divide and conquer; good cop, bad cop; Eastasia, Westasia; Democrat, Republican. He doesn't play that, he exposes it for the fraud that it is.

But the question is, is Alex Jones himself controlled opposition, a COINTELPRO psy-op? In the often paranoia-fueled drama of the conspirasphere, any rising star is a target for accusations of “shill” and “Pied Piper.” While I suspect the majority of such attacks are simply ego hurt and fear bug making the rounds, the question should nevertheless be addressed seriously.

Alex Jones is often loud, often angry, sometimes even uncouth. Well, when you've got a message you believe in and you think is important for people to hear, you might want to be loud. Anger? Hell, I got angry when I first found about a lot of the things Alex talks about. They're outrageous and they need to be stopped. Anger is a powerful emotional energy that can and should be put to constructive uses. It is also negative, unhealthy in the long run, and should probably be avoided if possible. As for the occasional rudeness, there is no excuse for that – but then, I haven't seen him make any. At least he humbly apologized to David Icke for calling him a “turd in the punch bowl.” Any other rude remarks he's made that I'm aware of have been aimed at people who, quite frankly, deserve a lot worse than that. (Although I personally couldn't bear to see anyone burned at the stake, even a mass murderer.)

Getting past the man himself and his very human faults, there is the matter of his actual message. I'm of the opinion that his message is quite appropriate for his audience, which I would venture to say is made up of pretty average, everyday people. He's not “mainstream” perhaps quite yet, but is at least on the verge of becoming so. These are quite often people who are just becoming more aware, who have graduated from the Pablum world of CNNBCABCBSFOX, but who aren't necessarily into ufology, energy healing, the paranormal, divination, other occult subjects, or the deepest, darkest, most disturbing recesses of conspiracy research. A lot of them subscribe, at least nominally, to one of the major organized religions. Naturally, there are limits to how far out on the fringe he can go and still be relevant to a significant portion of the populace. The ones who are so inclined will go elsewhere to seek out the fruit that Alex doesn't offer. So I don't see a problem with the limited extent of his territory.

As for how he handles the territory he's got... hmmm. Let's take a look.

Alex Jones talks a lot about 9-11 truth. That's a key issue for people to understand. What he doesn't talk about so much is the Israeli component. From what I've read, the WTC attacks were essentially Mossad operations, aided and abetted by elements of American intel (CIA). Cheney and Bush were in on it, obviously, as was anyone within a certain circle of power and influence. Very cloak-and-dagger, all of it, compartmentalized in the extreme, as all these kinds of sensitive, major ops are. There are so many angles to it, and so much secrecy around that whole group of events, that no one person could ever unravel it all. Is Israel important? Sure it is. But thanks to AIPAC and all the rest of the Zionists embedded in the highest levels of Washington and the corporate media, you can't talk about it without being accused of anti-Semitism. (False label; Semites are the native peoples of the region, i.e. the Palestinians.) You can face serious consequences for that. Besides, it's rumoured that Alex Jones's wife is Jewish. So cut the guy some slack, eh? The main point is there, and it's well made: 9-11 was an inside job. (By the way, the thinly-veiled anti-Jewish sentiments on some of the sites linked by Rense, but not by Jones, make me sick.)

“Swine flu” and financial meltdown. Big topics. Scary topics. Alex gets credit for going after Big Pharma and their so-called “vaccine” (money grab for sure, likely also another Darwinian depopulation scheme), as well as the political aspect of this latest iteration of the problem-reaction-solution formula to impose ever greater control over the populace. His sites carry advertisements for immune supplements like vitamin D and colloidal silver products, which are, in my mind, a better alternative than any vaccine (although you do want be sure you're not getting ripped off, so always do your own research first). The economic crisis has also been front-and-center on Alex's broadcasts. He features guests like Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, who's making great strides in his campaign to audit the Fed, and G. Edward Griffin, currency expert and author of The Creature from Jekyll Island. Alex believes that the devaluation of the dollar is paving the way for a global currency as part of the elite's drive for a worldwide totalitarian state, which I would certainly see as being the intent of some of those people. I don't think they'll ever succeed. Alex's solution is for people to buy precious metals to protect their savings, and to prepare for a breakdown of the urban food supply. Both are prudent precautions to take, but are really based on a worst-case scenario where things do get that dire. Better safe than sorry, I guess. Personally, though, my sense is that I'm going through the worst of it right now, due more to my own stupidity than to the wider economic situation. I think both your health and your finances are, on a fundamental level, much more closely linked to your state of mind than to whatever's going on around you.

Which brings me to a point I want to make about Alex Jones. If you listen to his show, it will affect your mind. In the case of somebody just waking up from the old consumer dream of Santa Claus and no tomorrow, the show acts as a sort of remedial course in reality, a cold shower. For someone who's already “awake,” though, I think the undercurrent of fear and urgency is reason enough to mostly tune out. There comes a point when those states of mind become counterproductive. On the occasions that I tune in, it's mostly for the entertainment value, not so much for the (yes, important) information he brings to the table.

The man is sincere and passionate, he hasn't sold out to corporate interests, and I certainly don't think he's a conscious psy-op agent. There is the useful-idiot angle, whereby it could be argued that the elite allow him to expose them to a certain extent in order to lay the psychic groundwork for carrying out their plans, and to get people into the vibration of fear and negativity, so that they expect to be treated badly, continue to think in terms of “Us vs. Them,” and inflate their mental image of the world elite into something much more powerful than they actually are. That's the biggest danger, and it's just something to be aware of. We've got one Alex Jones already, and thank goodness he's doing the work that he does, but there's no reason to become a thought-clone of him. Not that he even encourages that; he's always telling his audience to check up on the facts for themselves, read the available documentation, convince themselves of the truth of what he's saying – or prove him wrong.

I used to think that if the world really was the way Alex Jones portrays it, we'd all be doomed. Now, I think even his reality tunnel has a tangible light at the end. This is a war, he says, and we've been getting our asses kicked for a long time, but as surely as day follows night, the tides are turning. He's not giving in, and neither should any of us. Let's have the COURAGE to DREAM of something A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than what we've had, and the WILL to DO what it TAKES to MOVE ourselves and the planet from HERE... to THERE.

God bless.