Transition: Parting words and an Invitation

My friends, dear readers,

I have come to a point where I feel this blog has served its purpose and must come to an end. A new chapter begins, and the ballast of the past must be left behind for that chapter to take off.

On these pages, I have recorded some of my most inspired insights, shared my feelings and experiences with you, as one seeker to another. I hope you have enjoyed what this blog has had to offer, and I humbly invite you to continue with me as I explore new vistas and share what the Eternal has to say through this lowly earthen vessel.

My new blog, posted under the alias BCii, will be located at In it, I will speak frankly, in plain language, without holding back, about this process of awakening, which, I believe, will increasingly make contact with an ever-growing number of people on this planet. Other subjects will, of course, be delved into as they come up. The poetry will continue, much to the dismay of the non-poetry types among us, but I make no apology. Poetry is the soul of language and the language of the soul. My own poems have arisen more directly from my soul than any other words here, and they are precious gems to me.

The seeker has found a treasure hidden in his own field. Since the same treasure exists also in all other fields, waiting and calling to be found, he fervently desires to assist everyone who seeks it. With them, and with those who are in possession of it already, he desires mightily to share energy, space and time for mutual pleasure and edification. He will do these things at the new place, and hopes to see You there as well.

Om Amitabha, and my very best wishes to you all,
Juho William Tauriainen