Batshit Insane Category

What if you're just in psychosis?

Or is Ascension a special case of 'psychosis?'

Or, are you merely imagining it all? A falsehood dreamed up inside your addled head.

Perhaps you have failed the test and slipped into madness, fallen away from the razor's edge road.

But no.

There is Real to it.

It really is more than just being high.

´Cause, dude, totally new shit is up!  -- I mean, uh, this is unprecedented and unforeseeable, entirely novel and you can't fake or make this shit up. You can't.

On the path of Awakening, every step makes you a just a little crazier in the eyes of the world. Before you get very far, you'll be stark fookin' insane, kooky, around the bend, off in your own world, talking to angels and animals, creating and having fun like a little child.

It's amazing.

It's thrilling. The danger. The tightrope act between insanity and genius.

The depths of trust. The chambers of perfect bliss.

The roaring rocket and the soft white dove.

The Awakening.

You wanted it, and you got it.

Now -- enjoy it!