Next Up: The Fall of Barad-Dur?

Lying in bed on the night of the twelfth of December, I realized, with a start, that the long-anticipated Mayan calendar end date was truly just a matter of days away. A tangibly approaching point in real time, as concrete as my plans for that pre-Christmas weekend. A sobering thought. I felt compelled to prepare.

I needed information. Direct from source, not somebody else's idea or theory, or supposed revelation. Something to make sense of it for myself. Just for me.

I relaxed into a light trance. I held the question in my mind: "What is the significance of this date?"

As much as possible, I was empty of thought, without expectations or preconceptions, open to whatever might come through. And something did.

I saw a ring, a torus. A portal or gateway in space. (Time-space?) I knew that it was the gate we were to pass through on that day. In one side and out the other, through the doughnut-hole. It felt significant, like passing through a zero point from negative to positive. I had a sense that this was the beginning of a new cycle....


As I mulled this over, I felt convinced that, outwardly, nothing much out of the ordinary would occur. The change was too subtle for our gross perception. Nonetheless, it was a crucial change. Like switching off the current that empowers darkness to hold sway in our world.

Now that I think of it, much like the moment when the One Ring was destroyed...

So all that keeps the engines of darkness running now, is residual momentum... All they can do is expend their remaining energy in a final display of defiance...

The spiritual and natural laws are still in place. Darkness, in its last hour on the stage, will do everything it can to steal our energy, just as before. Only now, its doom is a fait accompli. We are left to deal with its fruits, roots, and manifestations, within and without, for a lifetime to come. But the victory is already won. This is my feel. There is a lightness, a levity, a detached serenity when encountering karmic drama, a core certainty that everything is turning out as it should, and that heaven on earth awaits. Staying the course is my watchword. Doing my part, and letting universe unfold.

This message was for me, and I'm grateful for all that's taking place now. This isn't about me trying to be a guru or prophet, it's about sharing a subjective data point for whoever might be interested. I humbly encourage anyone who wonders about the import of these times to look around you with an open and questioning mind, and particularly to go within. Do the self-work, do what you can in the world. We've got a lot of work to do, and it's up to us to smell the roses as we go, to be a little more kind and appreciative every day, to not lose ourselves when things are shitstorming out of our control. All is well, my friends. We are the ones we've been waiting for. This is our time, and we'll see it through together.

Aloha! And all the best to you in the new year!


    Excellent post.. I just searched for the same topic, because I have been given revelations similar to yours and have been sharing with my groups on facebook.. I'm glad to see that this information is coming to those of us who are opening our eyes.. Continue to spread the light, my friend.


    Thanks, Khari. It's encouraging to hear I'm not the only one. :D