the gods play poker, the gods play dice
lay wagers on the freewill choice
of mortals, watching from above
to see the outworkings of love
within us, or the lack thereof
creating pain or paradise

let the gods themselves amuse
and know that all the world's a ruse
set up within duality
a ring of false dichotomy
exposed for those with eyes to see
with gnostic impartiality
what we might gain, or rather lose

dependent on our heart's desire
for freedom, spirit's holy fire
can burn away what holds us back
but only if we live the fact
of what we are, undo the stack
of karma, penetrate the pack
of lies and seek what takes us higher

create and sing and dance and serve
and learn the place of every nerve
and celebrate what brought you here
the truth that resonates so clear
for all who have the ears to hear
beyond the senses' maya curve

that God is One and All is God
perfection veiled, appearing flawed
evolving through humanity
we manifest the energy
reveal it incrementally
Love is the universal Law.