The Seductive Power of Despair

The Seductive Power of Despair

she's so enchanting
as she weaves her spell
slowly adding strand on strand
fills the loom with hopeless visions
death and worse than death
oh, all one's dreams laid waste
the bitterness of failure
to achieve one's heart's desire
and all the wretchedness of man
laid out, a morbid feast
to tempt the soul into accepting
all the world's a fucking tragedy
just going down the drain
that all one's efforts are in vain
and all are doomed to be in pain
forever racing on the plain
around in circles, going insane

she does a pretty damn good job
of putting pictures in one's mind
they really make a person feel
like hell, why even go on living
if it's as pointless as it seems
and hey, perhaps it really is
but there's a part of me inside
that will not, cannot go along
that, underneath the misery
is laughing, for it recognizes
bullshit in its many guises
pornography holds no surprises
just a veil to fool the eyeses

she's really not an evil bitch
there's no malevolence involved
she simply wants to do her part
to test us, if we'll play her game
(it's hide and seek all over again)
it's all in fun, and in the end
you'll just be glad for what she did
the point was not to make an ass of you
(for nothing) but to give the light
of truth a darkness into which to shine
a Hades for the Helios
or whatever metaphor you like
so if you're caught in deep Despair
forget your mental machinations
brooding, dark hallucinations
born of spirit's constipation
go outside or go within
and see what's really, really there
let Nature fill your dried-up soul
with beauty, or just meditate
and pretty soon Despair will be
a mere unpleasant memory
its nightmare siren melody
a counterpoint to the levity
and perfect Love eternally
all known within Divinity.


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