don't fear
truth rising
I'm here
this isn't what you wanted
and now it's coming clear
that all along that thorny path
of where you've walked so drear
it's always been inside you
your forgotten Self so dear
that you left behind when you swallowed that first ancient, bitter tear
in the morning of your hapless earthly life
you denied that inner shining light
of knowing who you are, what's right
for you
and since that moment all has been twilight

no need
to chase it
just stand
and face it
'cause it's been here all this time
waiting on you to embrace it
all those years you thought you wasted
were needed time for growth unhastened
no regrets, 'cause now you're here
you've woken to the call inside
there's no more doubt, just hang on tight
and break on out from your prodigal flight
be the man you were meant to be
it's all in hand, my son, of me
through you
and together we've got so much more to do

you're safe, my child
forever in my arms
even in your self-beguiled
hour of ungrateful harm
I pulled you through and saved your skin
so you could fight again someday and win
when you let go of your need to prove
that you're in any way aloof
or independent of my love
for you
it's what you are, it's what you breathe, and nothing else will ever be
as true