the art of feeling free

who can tell
if what we think we know
is anything more
than a myth
that separates us from
what is
in this eve of time
we're wand'ring here
making up our life
from an ancient script
take it as it comes
don't try to shut it in
to a model in your mind
'cause when you think you know
is when you're holding on
to an insubstantial hope
that the world can be contained
but it's unpredictable
and there's a hidden plan
you can only see unfold
impossible to know
you can have your fantasies
tell yourself a story
of what it all might mean
but all of your attempts
will prove to be in vain
in the face of history
looking back you understand
your imaginings were only ever
mist and shifting sand
if you want to know the truth
there's one thing you must do
to let go of the need
to hold it in your hand
observe the mysteries
embrace uncertainty
remember there's a holy womb within
reflected all around
there's something so profound
in a process of rebirth
through suff'ring comes a way
into a whole new day
the cycle's winding down
the urgency of all the crises
needing resolution now
so quieten yourself
don't hesitate to ask
and maybe it will be revealed
all in God's good time
the pressure's weighing on
just keep your heart open
to the possibilities
and you'll never lose the key
to what's beyond confusion
a certainty of one
that lights up heavenward
illuminates the night
it reaps the fields of earth
from chaos and order
to shape itself anew
create a fractal view
of continuity
you'll wonder at the stars
reach out and feel the warmth
it's safe no matter what may befall
just know that you're inside
a dream we all decide
the one who made it happen
is still here restfully
awaking to itself
in you and all of you


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