Purification / Setting the tone

December 30, 2009

9:00 PM – 27 hours until Zero Hour. Went for a sauna, threw water on the hot rocks 3x3x3 times. Began fasting.

9:30 PM – Started writing this entry.

December 31, 2009, New Year's Eve

6:30 AM – Wake up. Breakfast is plain porridge and water.

7:30 AM – Catch ride with uncle to city where I live.

8:00 AM – Arrive at home.

To-do list for the day: Go through mail. Clean apartment. Cleanse out toxic holiday crap. Work out, meditate, nap.

11:33 PM – Final preparations for Zero Hour. As far as possible, remove all frequencies within self that might interfere.

January 1, 2010, New Year's Day

12:00 AM – Zero Hour. WEIRDing.

Post-Zero Hour – Turn focus to other, unrelated things. God knows there are enough of them. I have some crazy plans. More (but not too much more) about those later.

Subsequent WEIRDing sessions will not require quite such an involved process of preparation. The first session will establish the tone and is therefore the most demanding. After that, it will only be a matter of recalling that frequency, holding it, and refining it.

EDIT: I noticed that the clock on my computer said 22:22 immediately after I posted this. Just a little nod from the other side of the veil. (wink)