Song of Love and Light

brother Light, sister Love
brother Love, sister Light
oh, where have you been?
we've missed you for so long.
how can it be
we are so lost
we have forgotten you
and everything we do
turns to dust and decay.
we are the blind
following the blind
toward our own destruction.
knowledge is power
but it cannot be gained from books.
separation caused our hurt
our ignorance brought forth pain.
from whence shall we find healing?

liquid Light, crystal Love
liquid Love, crystal Light
the universe is a layered mystery
with oh so many layers yet
unseen, unopened, unfathomed
all things flow
all things change
all things pass through the fire
of righteous judgment
and are grokked in fullness.
all things are part of fullness.
they are part of this vast song
that goes on forever.

beautiful Light, gracious Love
beautiful Love, gracious Light
and wisdom,
and direction,
and information,
and thought,
yea, these are even the very elements
of creation.

sacred Light, divine Love
sacred Love, divine Light
eternally joined
now in harmony.
whatsoever hath not Love
is illusion,
and whatsoever lacketh Light
is a lie.
remain with me, in me
and so shall I remain with you, in you.

I am Love
I am Light
and I shall live
corruption and sorrow
will be with me tomorrow
but tomorrow is a dream
like today
and yesterday.
one day I will wake up
and find...

only Light, illuminating Love
only Love, emanating Light.