Merry Christmas!

Christmas Star by Ezeg

Before Christ, there was a promise. Those who received the precious wisdom of the existence and coming incarnation of the Christ, held this knowledge in trust, passing it on from mouth to ear, from the few to the few of each generation. The time came, the stars revealed it. The child was born whose destiny it was to walk that path for all mankind. A Love so profound, no human heart has yet fathomed its depth, drove him to offer his life as a living sacrifice, to embody a divine message of comfort and guidance, that would shine in the world's dark night for an age. Pisces drags on still, seemingly interminable, plunging us all through a tumultuous time of transition as the stellar clock steadily approaches midnight. We are here, children of a planet on the edge of awakening, and if we choose, we can receive the message of Christ, in whatever form and portion we are able. He led the way, a lonely path, and showed us that there is in the living human, Spirit and flesh, the possibility of birthing something greater before which death itself must yield.

The path to liberation is a mystery. I cannot tell you anything but that it is a mystery worth seeking. It is the star that must guide you from within. Your path is yours alone, and only you can follow it. Do not despair if it takes you places you did not anticipate or expect. Do not give up hope, even if outward appearances would discourage you. If you do not give up, you cannot fail. Hold fast and endure, look to your inner light when the world around you grows dim. Do not be hasty to demand perfection. To those who love, much is forgiven. Forgive, then, your fellows, as you have been forgiven your faults and failings. There is no power in the world greater than Love. Seek to love, strive in the name of love, endure in the name of love, leave all else and follow Love.

To all our hearts, a merry Christmas!

in gratitude