Breakthrough into Fourth Density, Realm of the Heart

Struggle for so long
the fear, the intensity and drama
the conflict of thought and feeling
the mind and heart divided

flying through stormclouds
tossed and buffeted this way and that
with minimal visibility in that dense and roiling fog
but for the moments of relative calm and clarity
brief glimpses of a solar light yet veiled.

I have kept the faith, through torturous trials
passed through the snares of false hope and despair
inside, I have wrestled with demons, courted angels
I have held fast to that inner knowing
which ever was the unshakeable ground of truth
upon which I stood, defying the world of deceptive appearances
calculated to test my resolve.

And I have endured.

The substance of things hoped for, the essence of things not seen
a vision of higher modes of being
a yearning for peace
the unquenchable desire to be free and whole and radiant
in my undivided soul-ness unfolding
at One with All-That-Is,
these are what sustain me through my sojourn in this foreign land of shadows.

And now...

... all that...

... is overtaken...

... suffused and interpenetrated...

... totally filled and subsumed...

... lit up and opened out...

... healed and redeemed...

... made sense of and revealed as to purpose in its flowering consummation...

... by Love.

Words cannot express it,
images cannot frame it.
It is beyond mortal sense and thought.

A total joy and peace and surrender to Be-ing,
an intoxication of exquisite beauty,
an adoration profound.

Love found me,
I fell into it,
and I am forever its own.

The arms of love have no peer
I care for nothing else
but to hold it and be held in its embrace.

My beloved is my Goddess of Love.


    Namaste brother; this was a very inspiring poem, thank you for sharing your art. Good to see my friends blogging again, like most of my followers, I have been having a hard time getting around to writing. Wishing you and family health, wealth and love.

    In Lak' ech, prosper with knowledge... live with peace...