briefly, this mutual gift

For a dear friend on the anniversary of our meeting. As poetry, it's pretty terrible  – but when have I ever let that stop me? (grin) Anyway, a wonderful Solstice to you all. May you survive and thrive in these ever-so-interesting times.

bright as is the birch
two-toned as the pine
somber as the spruce
howso your soul inclines

your thoughts are lively, swift and varied
birds that stop to rest
and sing to me of what they've seen
in south and east and west

there's always some familiar
and always something new
and ever something beautiful
when I can be with you

the light you bring reveals the many
places where I'm blind
and challenges the limits of
my convoluted mind

dharma angel, priestess wise
wounded healer, spirit's bride
child, young one, adult, old
through the ages, names untold

pain and darkness, loss, injustice
karmic burden, ancient scars
heavy laden, strength is fading
home is distant as the stars

drifting through the endless sky
colour, music, dreaming fly
crashing down to earth so hard
feel the grit when you've been jarred

always find a new direction
start another journey's section
making progress, persevering
seeking love to shed the fearing

energetic sensitive
demand the truth, and yet forgive
knowing what's inside of me
accept it all to set us free

you are a universe, all told
connected, real, rich and vast
communicating, soul to soul
a love that longer as it lasts

grows always better than before
more deep and clear and pure and strong
and finds a way through hell and war
to bring us home to hear its song


    Well done, William.

    Happy Midsummer.




    Thank you. Have a magical Midsummer, too!