Goddess-seeker's song

under cover of night
the hidden power of She
whispers its promises to me
of Life and Joy beyond all bounds
where She and I are One
eternally connected
with our multiverse of parts
plugged in at every point
pulsing twenty trillion times a second
with the raw energy of procreation
our intercourse, the engine of existence
that always was and always will be
only now forgotten, for a time
for the sake of the ever-new delight
of self-discovery
through trial and error
the arduous path of separation
that leads at last to our fulfillment
in the great reunion
so much the sweeter for the struggle
the weary slog of battle in the fog
that precedes that clear eternal dawn
time and time again
for the one who has descended
and the one who stayed divine
who never were but One
the blessed, timeless Whole of Love


    Hi William,

    I came over here via your comment on DeepintoArtLifeWest. I just wanted to say hi, and that I like this poem. I have been thinking myself lately about the Divine Union, and how it is the ultimate returning into love and connection that we could possibly desire. Though most people, so focused on romantic love, miss the greater love that can be had, the love that supersedes all loves.

    I wrote a poem about this myself. Will have to post it on my site at some point.

    Nice to meet you.


    Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I'm really sorry I didn't reply sooner; I've been so absent lately. Your blog, In the Space of Creation, is very beautiful. I'm glad you are out there brightening the world.

    Aloha, with much love,