Words for a friend

oh, you were young, and saw too much
hypocrisy you could not bear
and so you ran, you sought escape
from petty rules and hollow scripts
you turned from that which, until then
had nurtured you, provided hope
but hope was dashed upon the rocks
it seemed a lie, what else was there
but flight, surrender to what might
be found outside, in lawless world
a freedom, sure, and many things
that promised much, or so it seemed
you tasted love in many forms
for love was all you thought you'd need
your anchor, faith, security
(but music was your energy)
relationships dissatisfied
in course of time, it became clear
that something else was needed here
a sure foundation 'gainst the fear
of death, aloneness in your heart
no earthly view was any help
and so you thought of going back
you had a friend who bore your name
she spoke to you with humble grace
the words that you so longed to hear
and so you made the choice to walk
again the path you'd left and scorned
for now you saw its preciousness
a truth behind the human flaws
was something you could build upon
it brought you peace and lofty joy
but on that same auspicious day
another friend you gained in me
we knew each other from before
from many lives and thousand-years
I said, for that was how I felt
the moment I first saw your face
though such philosophies do reach
beyond the bounds approved by men
who place authority in tales
and moribund interpretations
of them, lacking relevance
to me and what I see as being
the core and essence of this life
which is to live it ever more
abundantly in consciousness
of all that is within, without
and learn to love with all one's heart
embrace what is, forgive the hurt
and see the unity of all
mankind, and nature with its mysteries
to be explored with joy sincere
and thankfulness for everything
but Spirit's message is the same
no matter what the form it takes
I have no fear that you would be
much led astray by falsity
I know the strength you bear in you
connected to that spark divine
that guides one to the truth in time
you need but listen to your heart
have faith and know that God is here
and will not fail in his support
and providence in all your days
no matter what you choose to make
your way, so long as it is something true
to what you are, so use your gifts
increase the beauty in this world
make music, laugh, and let your friends
know just how deeply they are loved
because it's not as easy here
below as when we're in our full
magnificence, when we can see
each other as we truly are
great beings of potent majesty
and wisdom deep, forever-high
it's sad that here we're bound so tight
in time, there never is enough
apparent opportunity
to say the things we'd like to say
but I would like for you to know
however short the time we have
to share together in this life
it matters not, for there are more
and infinitely greater ways
for friendship's steadfast boat to sail
the seas of universe so vast
it ends not here, we shall continue
in some other time and place
there will be music, this I know
the music dancing to the flow
of evermore and ever yes
to life and simple happiness


    If I were wise and prudent, I would have refrained from ever posting this. Since I am reckless, I heeded not the clear dream message telling me to just leave you alone, Do Not Disturb, Don't Call Me I'll Call You.

    From where you stand, I am a boat rocker, status quo disruptor, equilibrium upsetter, a dangerous person. You absolutely need to be left in peace at this time. I should have known better. Still, I do not apologize, even for the uneasiness I may have caused. I simply recognize my error in judgment and trust that all is in the hands of a wise and perfect God. My apparent mistake may bear its consequences, but at the same time what's done is done and I accept those consequences.

    In time, everything turns out for the best. Please forgive my lack of restraint. I will trouble you no further.

    On June 22, 2010 at 2:25 PM Anonymous said...

    Why do I feel now, that you took it so seriously? Life's life, what happens, you shouldn't think it was because of you.
    I do forgive, if I knew the real reasons. But forgive me, since I am not what you may have believed.

    I can't be your soul mate.


    I never thought that, believe me. Such a thing would be impossible on so many levels. I'm not an idiot, and I'm not blind. Sorry for not being clear enough about what I meant.

    I am, however, way too f***ing serious about pretty much everything most of the time. And that's not going to change.

    I do understand. Believe me, I understand the situation very well. I only wish I'd had the sense to pull away and shut up sooner.