Jammin' the shape of things to come

Ooooh! Look at the/time, oh
This ball start to roll and she don't/stop for nothing
(Just speedin' up)
Gonna do some big-time/damage down the line
(Sooner than you think)
And all you thought was real, it be/comin' down
(All around, comin' down)

Ooooh, baby, you just/keep your head cool
'Cause you know it's all/meant to be
(It's all playing out)
My heart tells me, baby/we're gonna be all right
Just watch your feet, baby/don't lose your head
We'll stick together, baby/and we've got friends

Ooooh, got to do what's right/stick to the truth
'Cause that's what this all's about/teaching you
(Be true)
To know who what where, when how why
The devil come in, he don't want you to fly
But you know there's/always/another way, baby
And the right way's not gonna be found/outside you
Yeah the right way's not gonna be found/outside youuuu!

(screaming-hot guitar solo)

Ooooh, the world's goin' pear-shaped/whatcha gonna do?
Ooooh, everybody freakin' out/ooooh, what are you gonna do?
'Cause there's no time/there's no time/there's no time
To be standing there gawkin' like a fool without a clue
(Get a clue)
Listen to your ************* heaaaart!
Act from your ************* heaaaart!
Listen to your ************* heaaaart!
And know it in your ************* heaaaart!

This is why
You are here
Don't blame me
For your fear
(Got to) let it go and and take a chance
Step up to the cosmic dance
Then you join the cosmic daaaance

(wild, ecstatic guitar solo)

The truth inside
We're all one eternal mind
Heart and soul
Living whole
Universal love behold

Love behoooold
Love behoooold
Love behoooold
Love behold

(Love behold)


Written after reading HalfPastHuman's latest Shape of Things to Come report. Thanks to the immortal Jimi Hendrix and others for inspiration. :)


    That was great! Does it have music to go with it yet? Interesting choice of illustration. I suppose you know that your Tzolkin birthday is 13 Cimi (death). Thats reinforced by your sun in Scorpio as, in the Tarot, Scorpio is associated with trump 13-Death. I'd be guessing that these are mythical motifs for you.


    Thanks! No music, although I was hearing it in my head as I wrote. I've never composed anything beyond pure improv.

    The dancing skeleton is HPH's mascot. I'm quite fond of it.

    The number 13 and its significance has been part of my identity ever since I calculated my Tzolkin birthday. Death also crops up now and then. I had noticed the Tarot connection as well, very fun! I also recently had an important but mysterious dream involving the figure of Death. Looks like I'd better share it here...