A Good Game

This is a good game. It's called "The Truth."
- Dimitri Moisevich in 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984)

The search for truth is a game.

I don't think one could have made that statement so straightforwardly even a generation ago. Back in the seventies and eighties, it seems to me, before the world was hooked up to this thing called Internet, truth-seeking would have been an activity that pretty much had to be taken seriously. The truth-seekers of that time would have mostly been out there doing original, painstaking research in the real world. Most of them would have operated in near-isolation from one another, compared to the effortlessness of network-building and collaboration today. Getting one's work published was another hurdle. The readership would have been a very small, very marginal group, scattered, so to speak, on the intellectual fringes of society.

Forgive me if my imaginings reflect poorly the reality of that time; I wasn't there myself. What I can say from experience is that in this present time, information is so readily available to anyone with even a casual interest that the whole concept of “truth-seeking” has exploded far beyond the limits of yesterday. It doesn't have to be an all-consuming path of dedication to a particular field of inquiry, nor is it necessarily the hard-core consumption of fringe lore from stacks of rare books. Beyond these primary and secondary levels, a previously-minimal third level has opened up: the level of the casual truth-seeker. The net-surfing approach is now the arena of choice for many, including those who would not even describe what they are doing as “seeking truth.” What curious mind, in this online environment, has not come across the major memes of conspiracy fact, theory, disinfo, and delusion? These thought-viruses have replicated through the memestream, cross-breeding, mutating (and being engineered, too) along the way, until the entirety has become just another fact of life, a whole genre of mind-games available to the people alongside their other everyday pursuits. This is not to unduly trivialize any of it; it's just an observation.

Obviously, truth-seeking in general is much broader than just the areas most actively sequestered (and infiltrated) by the powers-that-be, such as parapolitics, black-project shenanigans, and the powers-behind-the-powers-that-be. Anyone who engages in this game for any length of time soon discovers how interrelated it all is across the entire scope of human life. It becomes apparent that the so-called “mainstream” consensus reality is really just a system of externally-imposed programs that are held together, perpetuated, and fed into by those who believe in them: a Matrix control system. It may not be as immediately apparent, however, just how vulnerable that system is.

The system is predicated on belief, but its greatest power lies in fear. Many people may not really believe in all of it, especially now since the lies are becoming more transparent with every passing day, but still go along with most of it. Take voting, for example. Most of us know (or at least strongly suspect) by now, from experience, that voting in elections doesn't really matter a whole lot. We know most politicians are pathological liars and opportunists. We've seen administration after administration come in with honeyed words and the hopes of a nation, only to go out with disgrace and broken promises. And always, no matter what parties are in power, the economy ends up worse than before, wars continue, civil liberties are eroded, and corporate interests trump the interests of the people. HELLO? Anyone see a pattern? This isn't working! And still we go to the polls on election day and feel a vague sense of satisfaction, as though we've done our duty as citizens of a proud democracy. What? We know that's not true. It's just rhetoric and bullshit to keep things running the way they have been. But the alternative would be to admit to ourselves that we are more than just voters, or consumers, or (let's just use the word) slaves, aka “hard-working taxpayers.” We are unique, sovereign human beings with the innate freedom to create whatever reality we collectively and individually choose. We fear that kind of freedom. The system wants us to fear it, to deny its existence, to willingly give it up in favour of a ready-made machine world with a ready-made place for us as replaceable little parts in a big machine. And lest we forget our place, we are constantly shown what happens to those who have no place, who were born to the wrong parents, who didn't work hard enough, who defied the system. We're taught to fear poverty and crime and terrorism. Fear the cops. Fear the conservative agenda. Fear the liberal agenda. Fear the Illuminati agenda. Fear the apocalypse. Fear for your own survival in a world that's hostile and demanding but that might just give you a few creature comforts to fill your inner void if you only play by the rules. And if all else fails, just tune into an endless stream of mind-numbing distraction. Yessir, it's great to be alive in this postmodern dystopian nightmare. Or....

... Is there something else? A truth that's more than just a virtual-reality game? Something real and intimate that might just be the key to the kingdom of heaven on earth?

If there is such a thing, isn't it worth seeking? I believe it is.

And maybe when we're done seeking, we'll realize that it was something we had all along.

I am another you
And you are another me.
Thank you, just for being you
And being a mirror for me.


    Hi BCth. That was a great piece of writing.
    "Forgive me if my imaginings reflect poorly the reality of that time; I wasn't there myself."
    I was there and your imaginings are not wrong. I spent years pouring over those stacks of rare and obscure books. In some ways it was better because I had to be a lot more discriminating due to limited resources. The slower pace also favoured more thorough study. I ended up using a method much like web surfing, only with books. Most non-fiction books contain references to other books and authors and I'd make a note of any that sounded interesting for future reading. In that way, I could follow a thread of knowledge until it petered out, then pick up another. It was extremely rare to come across any other serious truth seekers. The hard core, then as now, are a very few with a pressing need to know how the universe works and what it all means. I am deeply grateful to be able to connect with you, and others who share this passion. I remember a time when this would have seemed an impossible dream.
    I can see what you mean about truth as a game. 20 years ago no one imagined that our civilisation's mythical narrative was so close to collapse. Now it's hard to ignore. Even if the need for a paradigm shift isn't fully conscious, I think people are trying to adapt by learning to be more flexible by exposing themselves to alternate stories. It might be too scary for many if they didn't approach it as entertainment or play.
    I'm certain that there is a deeper truth, "the key to heaven on earth" as you say. I'm just as certain that we can know what it is if we really want to. No doubt it will turn out to be something blindingly simple. It has been long hidden under a mountain of lies, confusion and false assumptions. A great deal of unlearning is needed. Deep, detached self-observation and the guidance of a strong and finely tuned intuition are absolutely necessary as well.
    The growing darkness of the matrix of fear is actually helpful since the stars shine brightest at night. It really is a great time to be alive. Love the verse at the end!


    Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful response, 13 Muluc. I feel so blessed to have even one reader like you.

    In the wake of this writing, I've been feeling like I need to either write more seriously or give it up altogether. This piece came about on a total spur-of-the-moment whim, and while the flow was very good, I still questioned whether I hadn't just been wasting my time with irrelevant filler. Self-doubt in the service of self-improvement, hopefully.

    It looks like Internet censorship is taking some giant leaps forward lately. Here's Alex Jones on that subject. (My brother sent me the link on Facebook. Thanks, Jake!) Alex is such a drama queen, I love him! (In smallish, occasional doses, thanks.) But he's really doing an effective job at spreading the info that the MSM won't touch. While his following just keeps growing, the mainstream corporate networks and especially newspapers are struggling to hold on. I wonder why, huh? Anyway, it's looking like some kind of tougher measures against free speech are coming down the pike for all of us in time, and Alex is on the front line there. I guess I'd better appreciate this venue while I still have it, and make the most of it. This war will move into the next phase soon enough.

    As for the essential truth, I believe we will get there. In stages, each at his own pace and by his own route. It can begin with words or it can begin with just about anything, but always the understanding grows and deepens, as long as we continue to seek.

    Perhaps I shall see about adding a few more links to this site. I don't know what good they might do, but one never knows. People will attract the information they need one way or another.

    I've been getting some dread as far as what the immediate future holds. Thoughts of some staged event or attempt at such, perhaps in Vancouver with the Games going on. Hard to say whether it's just paranoia or something more without consulting the higher self. I haven't been in a state of easy access lately, kinda frazzled and very nocturnal. Staying up now through the day to try to get my sleep pattern back to normal. Valentine's Day... Please be a normal day. And the days after. At least let the attack, if it's attempted, not kill any innocent people. Sigh... whatever's going to happen is going to happen. Hoping for the best... but then, everything does turn out for the best, in the end. No use fretting about the future, eh? I know I've got my hands full with the present.

    Namasté to whoever happens to be reading this. May the God who is present in all things make his presence known in us. Take care, but don't forget to take risks too. (grin) May he bless you and keep you.